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Mar 12, 2009 01:57 PM

Downtown:3/22-28 daily Tasteful for brunch, ethiopian dnr etc?

Adventurous eaters, adult and teen...We'll be in Boston for 1 week..
looking for

Brunch Sunday ? Gaslight?

Breakfasts daily -staying at the Hyatt Regency dowtown
(no way I want to spend $28 pp daily on a buffett---though my son (athlete) can eat ALOT!
someplace to get eggs etc...I nearly fell over to see the Hyatt wants $4 for grits..lmao..

Lunches on the fly (near BU, Tufts, Harvard, MIT,Northeastern) hearty sandwiches/salads

Dinners- daily

ethnic options welcome-- we love everything

Has anyone tried the Ethiopian place Addis Red Sea? Missing Ethiopian food since we moved out of Wash DC years ago..

also Gaslight? for Sunday brunch has a prix fixe...anyone tried it?

Is Legal Seafood really the best place for a great lobster meal? IS it true there are 2 locations--one on the water and one intown--past downtown heading towards the hospitals??

all recommendations welcome---

Staying intown--using the T and cabs only...

(coming from sunny FL so getting great shrimp here is easy)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Lots of ?'s here... I can try to hit a few.

    Addis Red Sea is quite good, though not as good as what I've had in DC.

    You should plan an evening in the North End, probably nothing like it in FL. My favorite place there is Neptune Oyster (although it is not Italian). Pizzeria Regina is also yummy and would be a hit with your teen.

    There are many more than just 2 Legals. There are 2 in the Prudential alone. Not a chow favorite, but would fit the bill if you just wanted steamed lobster.

    1. if you've had ethiopian food in dc then most likely you will be disappointed with the ethiopian restaurants in boston

      1. I'm going to concentrate on your lunch questions near all those colleges:
        BU: I would try the Super 88 food court on Brighton Ave for all kinds of cheap and delicious chinese, korean, and vietnamese delights (If you were at the Agganis Arena on Comm. Ave head up the hill away from the city, if you stay straight you'll be on Brighton Ave- its on your right, about a 10 minute walk). A little farther up Brighton Ave is Gitlo's Dim Sum (on your left) next to Harper's Ferry (the sign above Gitlo's fell down).

        MIT-Right in the student center there's an Anna's Taqueria. It not my favorite burrito in Boston but its decent enough and cheap. Upstairs in the student center is also a falafel place. Oh and I know you'll be downtown for brunch but if you feel like taking a cab back to Cambridge near MIT on Sunday, the brunch at Craigie on Main is truly outstanding.

        Harvard- There are tons of restaurants in Harvard Sq. but I really love the sandwiches at Hi-Rise bakery. Its on Brattle Street. Lots of interesting combos on yummy bread. Also good for sandwiches in Harvard Sq. is Darwin's Ltd on Mt. Auburn Street.

        Tufts- I'm less sure about but you could go into Davis Sq in Somerville where there are a lot of restaurants. For sandwiches the Blue Shirt Cafe comes to mind but I haven't been there in over 7 years.

        Northeastern- I don't know why I'm stumped here since I actually went here but your probably better off venturing into the South End. In the opposite direction about a half mile past the Museum of Fine Arts (across the street from Northeastern) is the Savant Project which wasn't there when I was in school but I haven't always wanted to try. I think they have lunch. Other CHers want to chime in?

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          Actually, the Hi Rise in Harvard Square has changed its sandwich situation drastically. I went in and was like, "Oh, awesome! They lowered their prices!" The sandwiches are now like $6 but also about the size of your palm. They have 4-5 daily special sandwiches, not a subset of the main store like they used to. That was my last visit for lunch!

          For Harvard Square, I have to second Bartley's and Darwin's. And add Charley's Kitchen.

          Near MIT, I would recommend Miracle of Science, which is more like halfway to Central Square, but not a long walk. The food is nice, and the interior is consistent thematically with your MIT visit. There is a Legal Seafood's on MIT campus and they are pretty quick for lunch. Not super inspired cooking, though.

          1. re: dulce de leche

            To add onto the Northeastern Lunch suggestions, if you like West Indian food try out Flames II in Brigham Circle and Ali's Roti in Roxbury Crossing. Excellent food, affordable, authentic and large portions.

            Ali's Roti Restaurant
            1035 Tremont St, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

            Flames Restaurant II
            746 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

        2. As mentioned, Bos Eth. isn't the same as DC but if you can't get it anymore, by all means go to Addis. It's in a nice part of town too. A cheaper breakfast also in the south end would be Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus Ave., closed on Sun. There's a basic greasy spoon on Berkeley St. (10-15 min walk from the hotel) where you can get a basic breakfast next to a nice cafe w/ good sandwiches (MC Slim, help me out with the names). I've heard conflicting reports on the Gaslight brunch. Union does a good fixed price as does Aquitaine on Sat. and Masa, all in the south end. Also in the south end is Morse Seafood for no frills fish.

          the kebab/falafel place by Northeastern is good, can't remember the name. Also Moby Dick for the same kind of food, both on Huntington Ave. In Harvard Sq., you should check out Bartley's Burgers. I second eating in the north end, lots of talk on places and you can check out this site:

          If you want to spend some money, I like Prezza.

          1. First of all, that week is part of a promotion in Boston called Restaurant Week. Many restaurants have special menus for that period. Opinion on the Board is generally not positive about the experience during those times. Learn more at:

            Breakfast: Not much near the Hyatt. There are good places near the South End and Back Bay that are reasonable. Here's a recent thread:

            Tufts: Not far from the campus is Ball Square which has the breakfast rivalry to end al rivalries. I'm a fan of the Ball Square Cafe. Search the Board for entries for that or Soundbites.

            Northeastern: The best (and closest) lunch places tend to be near Symphony Hall near the eastern end of the campus. Most are just OK. If you like sushi, Symphony Sushi on Gainsborough is good. Woody's on Hemenway has good pizza.

            Harvard Square: A visit here would not be complete without a stop at Bartley's Burger Cottage, a local institution. Some hounds think it's the best in Boston.

            Ethnic: The Hyatt is next door to Chinatown with lots of terrific places. A short walk away is the North End, Boston's Italian neighborhood. In both places, where to go depends on what you like and want. Both are covered extensively on the Board.

            Seafood: Legal is just OK. Frankly, if you want a steamed lobster, almost any place can do it decently; it's pretty hard to screw this dish up. Near you is Kingfish Hall in Quincy Market which is decent and is participating in Restaurant Week. Do not go to the Union Oyster House. .

            For brunch, I have not been to Gaslight. I do like Sel de la Terre not far from your hotel which now has a prix fixe brunch on Sat/Sun. SDLT is at Long Wharf near Quincy Mzarket. See this web site:

            Let us know where you went and how it was!