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Mar 12, 2009 01:51 PM

Atlantis Pavilion for Chinese Banquet?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this board... I am madly looking for a venue to host a traditional Chinese wedding banquet next June 2010...I have already decided against Hilton Suites, The Metropolitan Hotel, Mandarin Golf & Country Club, Angus Glen and all stand-alone Chinese restaurants...

My fiancee really likes the Atlantis Pavilion because of the views of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. I have searched really hard but cannot seem to find any reviews on this venue for Chinese weddings (or any events/weddings!) and would love to hear about anybody else's experience before I book.


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  1. We got married there in 2007 and struggled with the same issues. We wanted a beautiful view with at least authentic chinese cooking, if not fantastic. Because you have to use them as caterers we knew they couldn't achieve our level of expectation in terms chinese banquet, and the promise of their outside caterers also seems to go against the common knowledge that chinese food is best cooked on premise with the appropriate equipment to really light a fire under that wok, and let things stew etc.

    We ended up doing a brunch reception there, brought in outside chinse brunch food (congee and chinese fried doughnut) and did a separate chinese banquet at Pearl Harbourfront. They have a gorgeous view of the waterfront as well, know how to handle western customers, and while they're not the best chinese food around, it is at least authentic. (And because it is a much tamer version of real chinese food, the western relatives trying chinese food for the first time didn't get scared and loved it all)

    Let me know if you're interested, and I can send our wedding pics of both places to you.

    207 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7, CA

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      PS. Did you also have a rooftop ceremony at Atlantis? If so, would love to see pics of those as well! Thank you!

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        I used to bartend at Atlantis and after seeing many weddings I can tell you the roof top patio can be a beautiful venue for a wedding ceremony. The views are terrific and make a wonderful backdrop for your photographs. The one thing is that it is very exposed so if it is windy or really hot and sunny it can be less than ideal.

        I would recommend decorations that will survive well in a bit of wind and avoid long 'streamers' or fabric.

    2. You could probably get them to offer you a tasting by their caterers before you decide. You should probably find out who they use as a chinese caterer and find out a little more about the caterering company itself. The venue itself should be gorgeous. They certainly charge enough that you should expect close to perfection. Besides, you will be too happy to notice if anything goes wrong. You won't know until you hear it from someone else later. Congrats.

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        Thanks so much for both of your replies!

        The caterer is Dragon Dynasty/Rovey.... Harvey & Roger Tam. I trust that the food will be authentic but not sure it would be as good as it would be if I just did the banquet in a Chinese restaurant. Same old dilemma that most people have....

        RoraCraving - if you could send pics to me that would be fantastic!! I hear so little about Atlantis that anything will help! Your idea about the brunch/dinner sounds interesting - I also love the view from Pearl.

        Thanks again!

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          banana88, sorry for the delay...

          all my pics are in private spots, so drop me your email and i can send it over to you.
          i'm at dancing (hyphen) dora (at) hotmail (dot) com

      2. Pearl at Queens Quay is a great spot =) I have dimsum there almost every week.. it is one of my faves! And I've been to a few banquets there - also very very good. View is beautiful, and service is fantastic. Good luck!

        1. I attended a wedding there this year in May. It was amazing in terms of food and service from Dragon Dynasty. You should definitely talk to Harvey. He will be able to provide you with assistance and reference.

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            That's so great to hear! I have heard positive reviews about weddings in general at Atlantis, but I haven't heard from too many people who have actually attended a Chinese banquet there... I have been in discussion with Harvey from Dragon Dynasty (very helpful) and feel good that the food will be up to par!

          2. We had our wedding at Atlantis in 2007 and the location was great. There is a spectacular view of the TO skyline, and the room itself is really nicely re-done (used to be a club, if I recall). The upper mezzanine level is a good place to have cocktails before the dinner. Sorry I can't speak to the caterer issue here, but the venue was really nice. My only caution would be with the event planning staff - they can be hard to get a hold of sometimes. However, the person assigned to be at our event was very helpful.

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              Thanks so much for your reply. I ended up booking Atlantis and agree that the view/location is amazing! Did you have your ceremony there or just the dinner/reception?

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                We just had the reception (dinner & dancing) there in the was late fall, so we didn't get to take advantage of the rooftop :)

                Overall I would recommend it, as long as you can use the caterer you like (we had some issues with Atlantis with bringing in an "outside" caterer on the prime Saturday night booking).

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                  I should add that they eventually let us bring in our own caterer...

                2. re: sam_1

                  Hello Sam,

                  We came across your post about Atlantis Wedding and was wondering if you can give us the name of the person whom you said was very helpful in planning your wedding event? We are planning on hosting our wedding at Atlantis next year and have also found it very hard to get hold of the staff there and is hoping we can work with someone reliable. Any information you can give us would really help us out! THANKS!