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Mar 12, 2009 01:40 PM

Calgary 4 hour layover, ethnic restaurant recommendations?

Contrary to a recent post regarding a 2 hour layover at the airport, my friend and I have twice that much time. So, we would like to try an ethnic restaurant in the NE, any cuisine, (especially Thai or Chinese), is OK, just not too spicy hot. The only problem is that I am picking her up around 2:30 pm, so it would have to be a place that is open all afternoon. Also, it needs to be sit-down. I live in the NW, so have no idea what is out there by the airport. Thank you.

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  1. Thai Place (1947 - 18 Ave NE) supposedly does really good Thai but I haven't personally been there yet. It's a weird location inside a hotel.

    Clay Oven (#349, 3132 - 26 Street NE) great Indian food and only about 10 min down Barlow Trail from the airport. Not sure if they are open in the afternoon.

    Failing that, Fat Kee is right next door and is a great Chinese noodle house, nothing fancy just good fresh food and they make their own noodles. They are open in the afternoon.

    Thai Boat (108-2323 32 Avenue NE) is pretty good but I'm pretty sure they aren't open in the afternoon but you can call to make sure.

    Gold Wonton Seafood Hot Pot (5441 Falsbridge Dr NE) does really good hot pot and I'm pretty sure has a non hot pot menu. Not sure about the afternoon opening.

    1. With FOUR hours, no need to make it near the airport, is there? Or is this on a weekday when rush hour will become an issue?

      I wouldn't count on any Thai place, aside from food court Thai, to be open at 2:30. Actually you're probably looking at more fast-serve (if not fast food) places at that time of day- me, I'd head to Tiffin's, but that's only if Indian is okay.

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        Thank you: I will check those out. I think I'll leave Tiffin's for another day though, I am concerned about getting back to YYC during rush hour.