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Mar 12, 2009 01:38 PM

Fantastic hole-in-the-walls in San Antonio and in Austin?

I'm going to be in San Antonio for one week and in Austin for two days. What are the best, authentic, inexpensive hole-in-the-wall restaurants in those towns? I want great, cheap food of any kind. Talk to me, you Texans!!

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  1. How hole-in-the-wall do you want? I am going to leave it to San Antonians to cover that area but for breakfast tacos and a true south-Austin experience, check out Maria's Taco Xpress and for lunch check out Rosita's Al Pastor taqueria on Riverside in Austin. For good company, cheap beer and good bar food, Billy's on Burnett is a good option. If you are a GB Packer fan, seek out the owner. Also, another great bar and burger place is Casino El Camino on 6th Street - one of the only places on 6th I will ever go. Also love the Parlour for pizza - the original location is on North Loop and there is another now on Guadalupe. Try Juan in a Million for the Don Juan taco and a huge handshake from Juan. Trust me, you should go. Threadgill's is a good option, but not so hole in the wall anymore. If you drink coffee, go to Jo's on Congress and if you eat ice cream, go to Amy's - lots of places in the city. All these you can look up online. Austin is great. No disrespect to San Antone, but you might want to try to spend more time in Austin if you can; lots of good food and good music. Have fun.

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      La Fogata? Sweetheart, I lived in Mexico for a few years and have eaten once at La Fogata. Once. It's typical Tex-mex. Not Mexican and not very good at that. You want good Mexican food in Austin, or anywhere for that matter, try Manuel's in the Arboretum or La Fonda San Miguel. The food is authentic Mexican and delicious.

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        I disagree. I think the food is great, in a restful, peaceful setting. If only the place were farther from the street. . . .

    2. Well..not to dis the first poster, but I am originally from San Antonio, and moved to Austin a couple of years ago. Now..granted there are a lot of wonderful places to eat in Austin, but that is one thing you will seriously miss if you don't eat at lots of places in San Antonio..the MEXICAN food. I'm sorry, but there is really no where in Austin that does up the Mexican food like San Antonio. San Antonio, I would definitely recommend La Fogata. Not really a hole in the wall, but a really wonderful place to go. Mexican Manhattan, which is downtown, and has been there for a thousand years..much more hole-ish. There is a hamburger joint that people love called Chris Madrid's. There are so many places here in Austin and in San Antonio. But I will say what Austin does in music, San Antonio makes up for in Mexican food.

      1. My favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints in SA are Guajillos (410 & Blanco) and Mendez Cafe (off southcross and barholemew on the SW side). Search this board for more info on these two.

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          Have to agree with you that Guajillos is pretty good. Not great but good.

        2. You might want to post this on the Austin board, as well.

          1. For great home cooking, diner food you have to got to go to Tip Top Cafe on Fredericksburg Rd. Awesome! There is always a line. We went at 11 and beat the crowds. Reserve your pie when you sit down. It has been there for decades. It has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

            Go the Market Square for touristy but fun meal. Don't miss the best San Antonio souvenier--pecan pralines from Mi Tierra!