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Mar 12, 2009 01:16 PM

Deanie's in the FQ

Wondering if anyoen has been and whether it's recommended. I had a pretty good dinner at the Metairie (I think) restaurant a while back. Better than Acme....?

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  1. Not for oysters, the bbq shrimp at Deanie's are good, but I really don't think anything else at either place is outstanding, unless you consider the amount of food you get at Deanie's.

    1. i like that they put some dough into fixing their space. and they have a huge bar w/ ice cold schooners of beer.

      but the food is meh. their poboys use rolls, not french bread. i love bbq shrimp but felt theirs was terrible; very oily. (point of reference: my fav bbq skrimps are found in Mr. B's or Bacco's). had the crawfish platter and it was ok.

      seafood pizza is kinda novel and not bad. i have not tried their big fried seafood platters.

      1. I think it's just fine. The gumbo is pretty decent, and I enjoyed the seafood salad with boiled shrimp and crab.

        1. Had an outtatowner for Carnival, and his last day here we went for some "last chance" crawfish - which were typical early season crawfish, and nothing to write home about.

          But the room was nice, prices not exorbitant and the service was old-days “chamber of commerce” friendly and attentive - they get some points on that alone.

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            Was there last Saturday and agree that is is a nice updated space with good homey waitresses. The fried oysters and shrimp were cooked well (not overcooked) and were a good late afternoon snack although we had gone there hoping for crawfish but they were out. One could do worse I'm sure.

            Have never been to Acme so can't offer a comparison.