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Mar 12, 2009 01:09 PM

Any Urban Garden Share Programs in T.O.? I provide my backyard and get produce in return...

Does anyone know of any urban garden sharing programs in Toronto? By that I mean where I provide the use of my backyard and in return I get a share of veggies from my garden and others.

I've heard of this before, but not sure if we have this in Toronto. It's a good way to get fresh, local, organic produce for free. The gardeners make a profit from selling some of the produce.


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  1. I would love to do something like this! I've seen it in many other places and know of a few in Toronto but none in my hood. Where about are you located?

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      I'm in the Danforth area of Toronto - an area where I'm sure there would be lots of willing participants. You said you know of a few in Toronto, can you please let me know who they are? Thanks.

    2. I'd be interested in the answer to this as well. Alternatively, if there's a community garden program where you can get a small plot to work on in a shared space, that would be nice too.

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        The city of Toronto has community gardens and allotment gardens, but there is often a waiting list to get one.

        Foodshare is a great resource to at least find answers to these questions.

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        1. East York Community Garden has individual plots where you grow food for yourself as well as some to give to the foodbank and others in need. It supports seniors and people with Diabetes type 2, it has a childrens garden and is used as a teaching garden for youths. You can grow veggies, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, perrenials, annuals the works. Home Depot helps prepare the beds, and they have a harvest party etc.
          Sorry don't know how to do a link but google East York Community Garden and all the info is there. Not sure about the waiting list though.

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