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Mar 12, 2009 12:53 PM

Chow near Arclight Hollywood?

Hey Hounds. Going to Arclight tonight and dinner. We like:

Hungry Cat
Mission Cantina

But want to try something else. Is there anything new / not too / expensive / not a club/ not The Waffle in the immediate area you'd recommend?

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  1. Have you tried Los Balcones de Peru on Vine, just south of Sunset?

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    1. re: sku

      How is that place? I just noticed it this past weekend when I was leaving K&L.

      1. re: Porthos

        It's great. Peruvian ceviche, wonderful beef and saltados, good stuff.

          1. re: paulfromla

            I love Los Balcones, also, Fabiolous has a really good bolonaise pasta

          2. re: sku

            Stopped by LBP after picking up some loot at K&L today. I had the Pescado a lo Macho. It's decent but very different from the other versions I've had. It's a bit spicier, less creamy, contains less garlic, and is less generous with the seafood. The other versions I've had (El Chalan in Miami, El Recoto in Gardena) had a much creamier sauce and were piled high with calamari, octopus and shrimp. The fish filet was very nicely seasoned though. The white rice was also nicely seasoned. This was clearly my least favorite version and it's El Chalan by miles with El Recoto a notch ahead of LBP.

            I'm no Peruvian food expert so maybe this is a regional variation.

            I'll give it another go. The Chupe Camarones is another benchmark of mine and it's promising that they at least offer it.

            Incidentally, the aji verde was also less creamy than other versions I've had.

            1. re: Porthos

              I had the Pescado a lo Macho at Puro Sabor, and it sounds like it is exactly what you are looking for ... check it out, it's in Van Nuys.

              1. re: Porthos

                My favorite dish at Balcones is the Tacu-Tacu Con Lomito Al Jugo. I also like the ceviches, but most everything I've had has been good. Of course, I've never been to your place in Miami so I can't compare.

          3. re: sku

            Los Balcones is very good, but allow plenty of time. I've had some really slow service in there.

              1. re: schrutefarms

                I've had a couple of good meals at The Bowery. I really like their short ribs and they are one of the few bars that stocks Old Raj Gin, when I'm in a martini mood. My one meal at Magnolia was very poor, but the room was pretty.

                1. re: rednyellow

                  I'm with you. Have eaten at both once, and while nothing was "bad" at Magnolia, it was boring and overpriced. Bowery, on the other hand, had great food, and the bill was less (even with cocktails, which we didn't get at Magnolia.)

              2. For tasty, quick and casual, I can recommend Super Tortas in the little strip mall at Fountain and Vine (on southwest corner of intersection).

                1. I would recommend Bowery. Not too expensive. The food has always been good.