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Mar 12, 2009 12:43 PM

Afernoon Tea at Banff Springs Hotel

For $32, is this worth it?

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  1. how often do yu have high tea in a fancy hotel? I thought it was worth it, then again, I didnt pay :)

    1. I had it a few years ago and I thought it was nice - Like Hungryungry said, how often to you get to have high tea in a fancy hotel??
      The one part that I did not think was worth it was for some extra $$ you could take a box home. I just thought it was to much money for a box of prepackaged tea (in my opinion anyway).

      1. We go at least once or twice a year. Your $32 gets you a 3 tiered tray of finger sandwiches(the carrot is my fave), scones and pastries and on a clear day, a million dollar view. Just don't expect a real formal vibe. Last time I was there some patrons were dressed in their finest velvet track suits.

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        1. re: maplesugar

          excuse me, but that was a genuine velour tracksuit. hahaha.

          1. re: Bryn

            lol sorry, you're absolutely right, it was velour not velvet (wrong v word)hehehe. A bit of a suprise since I checked the dress code ahead of time and it indicated no jeans/athletic wear. I'm sure the other fellow wearing jeans had on some high end pre-distressed brand but regardless of the pricetag they looked a bit out of place too.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Can you imagine doing anything athletic in a velour track suit? I'd sweat to death, so not only would I not be meeting the Banff springs dress code I'd be smelly too.

              But I agree the whole point of high tea is to dress up and put on your best hat and enjoy a little old school luxury.

              1. re: maplesugar

                pfft. who cares what people wear. last thing i would want when enjoying my high tea in jeans is a bunch of pretentious, snobby grannies glaring at me.

          2. This is what we do once a year...the Banff Springs has a fantastic Spa with a coed Hungarian mineral bath and Lounge.

            My wife and I get messages at the spa, soak in the mineral bath and then take high tea in the lounge, in our bathrobes, it's fantastic!

            Is it pricey, yes but it's not something you do every weekend.

            1. Just got back from tea at Banff Springs :)

              Yes those are macaron, we were treated to pistachio, mocha, strawberry and chocolate. I'
              I'm no expert but I thought they were outstanding