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Mar 12, 2009 12:24 PM

Michael's one night — ideas for the other?

We're heading to Miami for a weekend and planned Saturday night dinner at Michael's where we went last time, thanks to the great comments found here. Loved it and would not miss another chance to eat here. Looking for some nice ideas in South Beach or Collins Ave. area for lunch and maybe another dinner. We have a car and don't mind driving a bit for something great. Nothing super pricey or fancy, just fun and good. Thanks!

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  1. Talula or Sardinia for dinner. Both on Miami Beach. Lunch at Le Sandwicherie. I hear 8 oz Burger is great but have not been.

    1. I would do takeout at marterello for lunch (cheap) then do dinner at either talula or sardinia. I think the food at talula is better than sardinia but you won't be disappointed with either.

      Marterello is better than Le Sandwicherie and either Joe Allens or Clarkes has better burgers than 8oz - 8oz is good though but I and a few others have had service issues with them btw.

      1. i second la sandwicherie. sandwiches are good and its fun to sit at the counter after the beach. the standard hotel has a nice lunch on the water, gets packed on the weekends though