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Mar 12, 2009 12:05 PM

Can I make caramel sauce and put in fridge till needed?

I am making a cheesecake for dessert tonight and there is a caramel sacue that goes on top-YUM! anyway I was wondering if I can make the sauce and store in fridge till needed?
If so do I need to reheat?


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  1. Caramel sauce should keep fine in the fridge. Depending on the consistency when it's cool, you might need to warm it up before pouring over your cheesecake - you can warm it in a pan or the microwave.

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    1. re: cyberroo

      Just be careful when rewarming in the microwave to microwave on low power and stir often (ev. 30 seconds or so) -- you don't want hot spots to develop and crystallize in your caramel sauce.