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Mar 12, 2009 12:03 PM

Got a question about cooking pork chops

Hi ya'll I need some advice- had a recipe for pork chops cooked in two skillets on top of the stove, but I wanted to get it started ahead of time so I browned 'em up last night, sauteed the crushed garlic, added the cherry peppers, rosemary, vinegar, and white wine, reduced, then added the chicken broth and poured over the chops in a big pyrex casserole then stuck it in the fridge. I was thinking when I get home later I would just like to put it in the oven to finish. How long and at what temp would you think? The chops are not cooked thru yet but browned pretty well. I'm just taking a shot at this, if i have to I can finish the sauce on the stovetop since Lidia says it should be "syrupy"...

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  1. The first thought that came to mind is that the chops are, for all pracctical purposes, already nearly cooked, and they have been sitting in a vinegary marinade for a long time, which is essentially what that liquid is, so they just need to be heated up. The marinade can be further reduced on the stove top. But basically you stand the chance of having the chops being overcooked.

    1. I'd pour the liquid into a separate container and heat it up in the micro so that when you put it all into the oven, the liquid will already be hot. Otherwise, if you take the time to heat the liquid from refrigerator cold, I'm certain the chops will be overcooked.

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        I agree, that's a good tip. I would put them in a slow oven, like 300. Pork is so lean now that it dries out super quickly. And probably for no more than 10 minutes.

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          I think the internal temp of medium-rare pork is like 145 or 150.. it has to be above like 138 to kill trichinoisis, which is rare anyway..