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Mar 12, 2009 11:19 AM

Philadelphia airport to Binghamton NY

We'll be landing at Philadelphia airport around 7 pm tomorrow and from there will drive to Binghamton. Can anyone recommend any interesting take out or drive through food to pick up along the way? Either places easily accessible near the airport or off the freeway anywhere in Pennsylvania would be welcome.


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  1. I would personally stop at Calorusso's in Clarks Summit, PA before getting onto I-81 North from the last toll booth on the PA Turnpike for some of the best pizza you will ever have.

    Sorry, I misread the post. You won't be in Clarks Summit until 9 or later.

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      There is a turnpike rest stop just before the Lehigh Valley exit but it has
      Hershey`s Ice Cream
      Philly Steak and Gyro
      Roy Rogers
      Famous Famiglia Pizzeria
      Bassett`s Turkey
      I wouldn't call the food interesting. There are multiple chain fast food restaurants just off the Pocono exit. Off almost all of the exits you will find some diner or fast food place.

    2. the drive from philly to binghamton is a veritable wasteland as far as interesting food is concerned. There are very few towns close to the freeway along that stretch and most of them are very small. I do not know about the area around the Philly airport, I've never eaten near there, but I drive that route north several times a year.

      1. If you are coming up 95 through Phila, you can get off at Oregon Ave/Front street and go to Tony Lukes at Front and Oregon for a roast pork or cheesesteak (or chicken cutlets, sides of broccoli rabe, etc.
        Further up the highway at the Cottman Ave exit (about 25 minutes from in airport) is Sweet Lucy's smokehouse which has good ribs, pulled pork etc. You can call them ahead if you are in a hurry.
        Good luck!

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          To get to the Bingo airport, going 95 North would take the OP well out of his way.

          The route to take is 95 South to 476 North, which becomes the PA Turnpike NE Extension. And, unfortunately, there's much to brag about on that route.

        2. What route do you plan to take from the airport? I'd imagine you'd head south on 95 to 476 North to the PA turnpike northeast extension. The only place I can think of along the way (though I'm not out that way very often) is Maia in Villanova, they have a takeout market area downstairs. I've never had anything from the market, but I've eaten in the bistro a few times and it's been pretty good.

          1. Thanks for the recs. We ended up at the Roy Rogers in the turnpike off Allentown since we were pretty tired from the flight. Had never been to Roy Rogers and it was pretty bad - We really should have skipped it and picked up Au Bon Pain from the airport or held out until we reached McDonald's instead. On the way back down, we might try Calorusso's though.

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              I promise you that you won't be disappointed with Calorusso's on the way back. It will more than make up for the dreck at Roy Rogers.