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Mar 12, 2009 10:47 AM

New Miami-an with Food/Wine Obsessed Parents Visiting

I just moved to Miami from NY a few weeks ago and have already had the pleasure of dining at Michael's Genuine, Sra Martinez, Matsuri, Graziano's, Sardinia, and many others.

My parents are coming to visit (from NYC) next weekend and they (like me) are incredibly obsessed with good food and wine. They also value good service, ambiance, and the ability to hear one another at dinner. My dad requested that I take him to "real Miami" restaurants, i.e. not something he would find in NY...oh, and he doesn't want rice & beans or to go to Joe's Stone Crab.

Here's my tentative list for the meals:
Thursday night: Francesco's
Friday lunch: Michael's (whlie exploring the Design District)
Friday dinner: Prime 112 (this may upset their eardrums, but I wanted to throw a scene-y place in the mix and it was recommended as a hot spot (I've never been)).
Saturday lunch: Thinking something ethnic
Saturday night: Michy's
Sunday lunch: No idea. My dad requested steak, but generally a big meal since they probably won't eat for the rest of the day. They do not like brunch, and don't want to go to a restaurant that serves brunch.

Given my limited knowledge of the Miami restaurant scene, I would love any opinions on my list and any alternatives that might be better. Thanks!

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  1. I really liked my visit to Enriqueta's when I was in Miami. It's not a posh restaurant but I would highly recommend a visit for lunch.

    You might also try Ortanique on the mile in Coral Gables which we enjoyed but I haven't posted about my night there yet.

    1. You've got some of the highpoints in there though if dad likes steak, I'd certainly throw Graziano's into the mix - or venture up to Bourbon Steak in North Miami. Even those who are fans of P112 say the steaks aren't really the draw.

      For a hearty non-brunch Sunday lunch, consider Ideas in Coconut Grove. I've not been for lunch (indeed haven't been at all for too long) but they do good authentically Spanish food and during the week at least have nice 3-course lunch specials. If you're interested I'd check to make sure they're open for lunch Sunday thought their website says so.

      Ortanique, with its Nuevo Carribean lilt, would qualify as upscale ethnic. Check if they're open for lunch on weekends.

      You don't list Hiro's Yakko-San among your hit-list so far and if you haven't been, should get yourself there. Not open for lunch, only dinner (and late-night).

      Also check if Pacific Time is open for lunch, another not included in your hit list.