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Mar 12, 2009 10:32 AM

Lox/Upper No. Monmouth Co.

I have a craving to get some fresh lox with bagels and cream cheese this weekend. Can anyone recommend either a good bagel place or anywhere that might have some great lox in Upper No. Monmouth area - Keyport, Union Beach, Middletown, Atlantic Highlands, Holmdel, Hazlet, Matawan, Aberdeen area?


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  1. for bagels, i'd take a few minutes and go a little out of the way to Milltown Bagels on Ryders lane. I think they have the best in monmouth or middlesex counties. for lox how about Costco?

    1. Had my first Flagel today = FLAT BAGEL
      South of your requested area but Yummy
      What About A Bagel 885 West Park Ave (Off Rt 35) In Cobblestone Village Ocean NJ

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      1. re: shabbystorm

        How does a flagel differ from a bialy?

        1. re: MGZ

          a flagel is a flattened out bagel - very thin compared to a regular bagel and wider. it's good because you have more surface area and more crust. not sure exactly how a bialy is made but it's the normal width of a bagel indented and has onions in the indentation.

          1. re: eatinman

            I believe a bialy is basically a bagel that is not boiled first - it's a lot like your discription of a flagel.

            1. re: MGZ

              If you want to try a good Bialy and home of the Big Bialy check out
              Yorktown Bagels and Bialy 300 Gordon Corners Road Manalapan NJ

              It really just a take out place but YUMMY. Best when HOT but you gotta get up mighty early in the morning (like if you are catching a bus to NYC from da burbs)

          2. re: MGZ

            I rarely eat bagels anymore but I have to admit that those flagels are a weakness of mine. I therefore have to stay away from Cobblestone Village. BTW, Wegmans has a decent selection of lox in their kosher food deli department.

        2. thanks for all suggesions. i already got a great bagel place in matawan, but i'm missing the lox factor. never had a flagel though (or heard of it for that matter). have to check that out.

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          1. re: dani0622

            Would order from or great places in NYC and have it delivered to NJ to have with your bagels.
            Yes Wegman's Nova Lox is good.