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Mar 12, 2009 10:30 AM

Single Diner B'Day Dinner

Hello, I am having a b'day soon and going solo. I really want to treat myself so money is somewhat of a non-factor. I really like to eat at the bar since I am hans solo. So something with an atmosphere and not crazy stuffy. I was thinking No9 or going back to Mooo. I just want a place that I am treated well, can take my time and enjoy an array of food. I have dined at such places as Masa and Aqua in SF. Would like to stay in Boston area. transpotation:Cab

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  1. I'd suggest O Ya near South Station for transcendent (and exorbitant) Japanese.

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      I would second O Ya as well. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is great.

    2. The tasting menu at No9 or Troquet would be excellant.

      1. Also Prezza and Lucca in the North End for not quite as pricey, fun bar areas, great food and good staff. Or Sorellina in the Back Bay. Those might be a little crowded tho. Some might think Radius, I like their bar area.

        1. Hungry Mother in Cambridge has a cozy bar area, great drinks, and friendly bartenders. It's not as pricey as the other options, but something to consider. With snacks and sides in addition to apps and entrees, there's a lot to try.

          1. Another less pricey option would be Eastern Standard. Great food, atmosphere, and it's hard to feel solo there due to the lively (but not obnoxious) bar scene.