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Mar 12, 2009 10:08 AM

Restaurant/Bar w/ an Activity

Please Help!

I am looking to find a restaruant/bar that also has an activity to enjoy. We are just going to be haveing drinks (prob. 3 each) and lite apps. so I would like to keep the tab under 75-100.

I am not excluding Dive places (ex. Fat Cat but already been there)

Let me know if this is unclear and I can specify a little more. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Johnny Utah's: Mechanical bull
    Brother Jimmy's: Arcade games

    1. Crocodile Lounge has skee ball and other arcade games - and free pizza :)

      1. xunta has flamenco dancers. i would check the details of when they perform but could be good entertainment.

        1. blonde brunette and a redhead.
          Video games/photo booth
          Ace Bar
          cheap beer-skee ball
          Jake's Dilemma
          Foosball, pool, beer pong and a photo booth
          Village Pourhouse
          Rock Band Touney
          Big Easy and Stumble Inn for flip cup/beer pong

          1. Il Vagabondo on E. 62nd St. - bocce ball and Italian food