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Mar 12, 2009 09:33 AM

Best Boiled Crawfish on the New Orleans side of Lafayette

Went to Cajun Claws in Abbeville last year and found out I'd never "really" eaten crawfish before. Am currently jonesin' to get some more - but wouldn't mind skipping the 3 hour drive ... any hidden gems worth hitting this weekend?

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  1. Yo Mama's in the Quarter. Good bar and last year had some of the best crawfish I've had. I'll start eating them again in a week or two and see if they are still great.

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    1. re: Panama Hat

      We also love the crawfish at Yo Mamas but if I recall they only do the boil on Sunday. Is that correct? Thanks

      1. re: sqhead

        I think Yo Mama’s has crawfish throughout the weekend.

        We got some Friday, March 6th and they were very good, especially for this early on. The boil was well seasoned and spicy enough to justify a few rounds of Abita to wash it down with. I wouldn’t have thought to try it out if it weren’t for the recommendations on some other threads so thanks to the earlier posters!!

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          Thanks for the info. We are going to be in Nola in two weeks . I will be sure to get back to Yo Mamas.

    2. Crawfish Town USA in Henderson off I-10, east of Lafayette. It looks like a tourist trap. It is a tourist trap. But, it's a tourist trap that does nice crawfish. Seriously.

      1. Hey - no reason to drive that far out of town for good/large/well-seasoned crawfish.Just head Uptown to the Big Fisherman.3301 Magazine St. (504) 897-9907 10-7 daily.Grab 5lbs. and head to the river for some seriously good eating.Enjoy

        1. You could always go south. Big Al's in Houma always has great boiled crawfish and is only a little more than an hour from New Orleans.

          After reading another post, I was reminded of 1921 in Houma also. It has been a while since I have been here, but the other posters said they were better than Big Al's these days so I would trust them.
          The Cajun Foodie

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            Sal's Seafood on Barataria on the West Bank. Killer crawfish, killer experience. Deviled eggs with crawfish, killer crab dip to order and put on you boiled potatoe's,, what an experience! newspaper on the tables then they gump a brown paper bag of hot bugs right in front of you! try it......