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Mar 12, 2009 09:26 AM

Arby's to move into Gage & Tollner space

According to today's Daily News, a Brooklyn franchisee plans to open 41 Arby's restaurants in NYC in the next ten years has filed an application with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to convert the G&T space into one of them. Quoting the Daily News: "We’re keeping everything in place, and anything we move in will be nonpermanent and easy to move out.....It will probably be the most beautiful Arby’s ever.”

How the mighty have fallen

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  1. Now when I say "It feels like an Arby's night " in jest I could actually "eat" my words. Roastburgers (or whatever they're called) for all!

    (This is incredibly sad news; Amy Ruth's would have been perfect, I was really excited about that prospect.)

    1. gerrrymander
      "How the mighty have fallen"
      My exact thought... :-{

      1. this is just so, so wrong :-(

        1. Whatever happened to Amy Ruth's plans to move into the space?

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          1. re: andrewr

            Probably the tanking economy :-{

            1. So far no sign of Arby's, but worse, if you can believe it. The big window has a huge sign for a nail salon which apparently has taken over G&T's party space on the second floor (with signs in all four second floor windows. A huge nail salon banner covers portico over the entrance. With the party space gone, this does not bode well for a cent restaurant to come downstairs, even if Arby's fails.

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