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Mar 12, 2009 09:14 AM

Best Bison Burger?

hi everyone,
i'm craving a burger but have a beef allergy (developed in my late teens, leaving me with tragic nostalgia for juicy ground beef on a patty). i don't really know if i can digest bison but i'm going to try--however, i want to make the risk as worthwhile as possible. any recommendations?


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  1. Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd has it a few times a week as a special. I almost always get it when it is.

    1. Bison are bovine just like cows so it may not be a fix.

      I've actually never heard of a beef allergy, is it possible it is related to the feed or antibiotics or something they give the cow...

      A nice lamb burger is a good substitute too.

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        yeah, if you google "beef allergy" you'll see a lot of info on it. actually, i think had an article on the topic as well.

        re: antibiotics/hormones, etc....when i had experienced reactions to beef, this was when there wasn't an awareness of such things. experimenting with grass-fed/organic is also on my agenda, but i already know where to go for that.

        lamb burgers are good....but still not quite like beef. as an aside, i find it funny how many restaurants serve lamb burger in a pita with feta. i get the concept but it's kinda corny--and biting into a burger in pita doesn't have the same appeal as in a bun

        thanks for the tips!

        1. re: waxyjax

          The Bar at EMP has good mini lamb burgers!

          1. re: trixareforkids

            shwoops, just saw this....i've only eaten in the dining room. can i find their bar menu online? i only see their normal menu on the website.

      2. The one bison burger I've ever eaten was at Ted's on West 51st Street. I thought it was tasty!

        1. You may have very good luck with the grass fed option. Strangely enough, I have developed a sensitivity to corn fed beef after eating almost exclusively grass fed for a year or so. I've found some incredible grass fed beef suppliers, some with more marbling in their beef than some of the prime grade stuff I've had over the years.
          Good luck and please report back on the bison!