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Mar 12, 2009 09:13 AM

Flesh-Eating Bacon

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  1. Very interesting. And alarming! Sounds like cheap pork isn't really cheap, if you factor in the health costs (people who are exposed to odor from pigs farms also have higher incidences of respiratory and stress-related diseases).

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      There's also contamination from the leakage of waste-lagoons on hog farms. Among other places, they are implicated in the epidemic of Fiesteria that is killing fish in the Chesapeake Bay area. This was in the news a few years ago. Fishermen had begun to notice that a lot of their catch had big skin ulcerations. It is likely that at least some of these fish were processed and sold for human consumption.

      1. re: greygarious

        Which is to say: Don't buy commodity pork. As has been amply pointed out, the bizarre system of farm subsidies designed during the Nixon administration took what had been a fairly self-sustaining model - pig fertilizes field, pig eats corn, pig fertilizes field again - split it into one producing the twin nightmares of huge dependence on chemical fertilizers and giant waste-disposal problems.

        1. re: condiment

          I'm a chef at a restaurant that tries to serve as much local product as possible (People's Pint Greenfield MA). I'm proud to serve local raised beef but have found it next to impossible to find anything to replace feedlot pork and chicken (we do serve only 'free range' chx but I'm not so sure that term has any real meaning). I have found a couple pig farmers that have a little product to sell but the problem is that it is literaly 4X the price. This may be acceptable to a hosehold to decide to pay that much more but I find it difficult to exspect my customers to pony up $20 for a puller pork sandwich. This is a problem that keeps me up at night.