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Mar 12, 2009 09:12 AM

Mexican in Waukesha County, WI

I currently live in western Waukesha County, WI and would like to go find some decent Mexican for a birthday dinner. Would love to not have to drive all the way into Milwaukee or Madison. Looking for a place that is clean, good atmosphere, good food. I do not mind paying for better food. Also wouldn't mind driving south, west or north to find a decent place. Any suggestions?

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  1. José's Blue Sombero (20371 West Bluemound Road) is decent. I know I've heard complaints of not being totally ethnic mexican but the tableside-made guacamole is a wonderful experience and it has one of the best ala carte menus I've seen. The Shrimp Soup was quite good as well! Besides, the birthday boy/girl gets a sombrero and a song! Check it out:

    1. Fiesta Garibaldi in Brookfield (Calhoun and North). We go with the kids a few times a month. Never had a bad experience. You'll find all of the usual items on the menu, plus many more authentic items. I highly recommend the rib-eye in chile de arbol sauce and the lengua in salsa verde. Also has a seperate bar area to continue the birthday celebration!

      1. We found a place called La Estacion in Waukesha. Decent reviews so I think we will give that place a shot. I'll come back and let you know how it turns out.

        Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind for the next time!

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          I've only had the chance to go there once (so far), but I thought La Estacion was pretty good - and really reasonably priced!

        2. I know that it's not exactly Waukesha, but it's not Milwaukee or Madison either. My parents love going to the mexican joint in Johnson's Creek. I don't know the name, but if you head south from the Johnson's Creek exit, I believe that it's on the right by the first stop light. Anybody know the name? I don't live in Wisconsin any more.

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            I believe you're referring to Fiesta Garibaldi. It's a local chain with five locations in the greater Milwaukee area. The locations in Waukesha and in Brookfield are right in Waukesha County; the one in Johnson (not Johnson's) Creek is in Jefferson County. More info at

          2. La Estacion Review- Overall, we enjoyed the meal.

            I had a Centurian Anejo Tequila margarita on the rocks with salt ($11), my husband had a 3 Gen Margarita on the rocks with salt ($10). Both excellent, but in the future, I would save my $1 and get the 3 Gen marg as I couldn't taste the difference. For an app, we had the Guacamole dip ($6.50?) . It was ok, not great. It was between the guac or the ceviche tostada, next time we would try the ceviche. For entrees, I had a very tasty Shrimp in Chipotle sauce ($14?), recommended by my server. Nice flavor, a hint of heat but not overpowering. It came with some bland steamed veggies, white rice (which mixed great with the sauce) and a phallyc looking potato which was bland but mixed with the sauce was tasty. All of my leftovers were delish for lunch today. Hubbie had a combo platter with some typical Mexican "favorites" ($7.50?). According to him, it was good.

            We sat in the train car, which was cool, although the atmosphere was almost non-existent, so a little disappointed there. Next time would consider sitting in the general restaurant area which was huge. Service was very good. We would go back again.

            When we returned home, our babysitter mentioned the desserts there were great and we missed out on not getting any. This place is her mother's favorite restaurant.