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Mar 12, 2009 09:04 AM

Plan My Healthy Foodie's Dream Day in NYC

Greetings from the Great White North!

The back story: I've done the tourist thing over a dozen times in the city, as both a high school student, drunken university kid and then as a teacher bringing my students to your fine city as well, so I am not planning on spending too much time seeing sights. In the last few years I have become a big-time food and wine lover, and had an amazing four days in London, UK recently driven purely by food destinations - markets, stores, free samples, wine tourist traps, and of course restaurants - meeting very specific interests of mine I hope to acheive the same in NYC

The trip: I am coming to the New York area for a wedding in Long Island on Easter Sunday and am doing a pre-wedding trip to NYC - will be staying in Jersey for cost reasons, and busing in to Manhattan for a jam-packed day trip on the Saturday. I plan on arriving in the city by 9 AM and leaving around 9 PM.

What I'm looking for: I want to seek out the best that Manhattan has to offer in terms of healthy, exciting food, both in shopping and eating destinations. I will be on foot and looking to explore destinations that are close by to one another - foodie neighbourhoods if you will. I will at some in the day want to walk through Times Square, Rock, Fifth Ave, and the lower Park, and possibly also Soho, Tribeca, Financial District, but I am not opposed to walking the length of the Island in food exploration.

I love open-air markets (not sure if it's the season yet), anywhere that has free samples (Whole Foods does up here sometimes) or great open salad bars for exploring, anything with a great selection of unique food products. I will be on a budget, so I don't know if I'll be actively shopping in these places, but I'd love to check them out. If there are any great wine-focused stores in the city as well I'd love that.

I have seen The Pump and Energy Kitchen mentioned many times in other similar threads, so I will plan on doing lunch in one of these locations. I might also do the Whole Foods salad bar, tho we do have that in Toronto. How would Josie's be for a nicer sit-down dinner, perhaps where I will drag my not-so-healthy cheese/meat loving fiance along? Is there anywhere else where we can pay under $20 for mains for a nice vibe and great fish/veggie selections? Or an Indian spot that's got a nice buzz for that price point?

Specifics - My favourite dishes: lentil soup, taboule, bean salads, beet salads, grilled salmon, veggie curries, veggie stir fries, indian dishes like daal or chana masala or eggplant bharta. - extra points to anywhere that offers any of these.

Okay, so this is the longest post ever. I am hoping that some of you will take up the challenge and point me toward some choice destinations or routes of exploration, and I'll gladly return the favour should you come to TO.

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  1. If I were you, I would skip Energy Kitchen and Pump (they are take-out type places) and visit Josie's and Rouge Tomate (might be a ilttle above your price range, but from what I have heard it's worth it)

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      is one of the josie's locations particularly better for vibe, or food quality?

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        We prefer the Josie's on the UWS...great cocktails, too

      2. Saturday is the best day (in terms of number of vendors, not peace of mind) to visit the Union Square Greenmarket. By Easter Sunday there should be lots to check out, there. There's a Whole Foods on the south side of Union Square, but since you have access to Whole Foods where you live, I'd skip it. Union Square Wines, which has a great selection and a helpful staff, is nearby.

        1. For specific addresses and to view menus, please reference: OR

          Dhaba (Haven't been...yet...But am going this wknd. Heard great things
          )Organique - great "make your own" salads
          Union Sq. Green Market
          Pylos (my favorite Greek restaurant)
          Whole Foods Bowery
          Dirt Candy (great new vegetarian restaurant)
          Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine (fantastic, fresh and delicious Turkish that will satisfy both carnivores and veg's alike)
          Kalustyan's (specialty foods store)
          Ethos (Greek restaurant with an abundance of fresh seafood)
          Pure Food and Wine (haven't been, but it sounds like a good choice for you)
          Pita Grill (MUST ORDER the chicken-rice-bowl)
          Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
          Essex Market (it's not open-air, but there's some interesting booths to be seen)
          Spring Street Natural
          Chelsea Market (so many vendors under one roof)

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              Dhaba update (per above):
              Excellent Northern Indian cuisine that should be added to your list. Ate there last night and would consider this to be the best in the city, IMO.


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                About Dirt Candy- If I recall correctly, half of the menu involves something fried, and the food is incredibly rich. Fantastic food, but not exactly health food...

              2. I would def. recommend checking out curry hill (20s on lex.) to satisfy all of your indian desires. Chennai Garden, while not the finest of surroundings or service, has excellent southern indian (vegetarian and kosher) food for excellent prices. while you are there check you keloustians (sp?) which is the mecca of indian markets (Lex. btw. 27th and 28th). Dirt Candy, although pricy, is some of the more "exciting" vegetarian cuisine in the city in the east village. If you check out Josie's on the Upper East side you may want to continue up to Spanish harlem (116th st) and check out a true living ethnic area of the city besides tourist china town. All sorts of dominican and mexican street foods as well as excellent dominican, puerto rican and columbian cuisine (El Nuevo Caridad is nice) all over.

                1. Just went to a meeting where they'd brought tons of takeout from this vegan place:

                  Everything was fabulous. Check it out and maybe try it while you're here.