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Mar 12, 2009 08:36 AM

Wine- 1984

Hello! My parents 25th wedding anniversary is 3/18 and I'm looking to get them a bottle of wine/champagne from the year they were married (1984). Does anyone know any local places in the South Florida area where I can find this? I'm not looking to spend over $100 since they barely even drink. Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I don't know of So. Fl. retailers that will have much in the way of choices for something back-vintage like that. Your best bet is to look to an online retailer (who should have no trouble delivering in time for the anniversary).

    For instance, K&L has a number of choices including several <$100. Here's the search:

    JJ Buckley also has a few ->

    It appears from vintage ratings that 1984 was a bad year throughout Europe but good in California.

    If you're interesting in going through an on-line retailer you may want to consider posting on the wine board for additional thoughts.

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      Thanks much! I was able to order a great bottle from JJ Buckley! :-)

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        You can also look at West Palm Wines in Tampa Florida. They have a great selection of older vintages that are stored at cellar temps.
        They are fantastic and can also look into anything specific and can usually get almost anything.