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Mar 12, 2009 08:27 AM

Japanese near Covina area

I am looking for a "not only sushi"place near where I live in Covina-- if anyone has any rec please! I am reading about these interesting places in gardena, redondo, and little tokyo, and oc (kappo hondo looks great) but unfortunately need something close for tonight.

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  1. How about Hayakawa? It is on Citrus and Badillo (I think). He used to work at Nobu so lots of cooked dishes. The sushi is good but the cooked stuff takes the cake. Try their omakase....very reasonable. Leave room for their mille fleures (sp) cake and french press coffee.

    Their specials are always good.

    750 Terrado Plz
    Ste 33
    Covina, CA 91723

    (626) 332-8288

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      Wow! Awesome! I will try it tonight and report back!Thanks

      1. re: AnnieMar

        make sure you call to see if they are open.

        The wait staff is not that great and sometimes hard to find.....Try to go early since he is the only one doing the cooking and prep outside....

        Have a good dinner!