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Mar 12, 2009 07:53 AM

Pho 888 Peabody, meh.....

Told Galleymom we had to have Vietnamese, since she had only had Sugarcane of late, and I really think that doesn't count. ;)
We went to Pho 888, which posts here seemed to rate more highly.
Just a bit.

Bahn Xiao; very good. Hot, crispy, moist inside. Would have been great if they used larger lettuce leaves. Romaine hearts makes this hard to eat.

Fish in Clay Pot; I knew we were in trouble when I heard the microwave 'ding'. The fish (salmon) had been frozen, which I understand happens, but then nuked to defrost it, and they went to far. The fish was thin and dried out. The sauce wasn't awful, but a lot less rich and caramelized, and way less of it than I'm used to. And I'm not a fan of oversauced dishes.

Fisherman Soup, (cahn chua Ko to), meh. Broth was okay, if a little on the mild side, but the bamboo shoots and straw mushrooms (?) were canned. Now, I accept pineapple being canned in this dish, but if you're gonnah add mushrooms, which are out of place anyway, why use canned ones? And every Asian market has fresh bamboo shoots. Foul!
Also, we asked for catfish with this dish, to make it more flavorful, both of us agreeing we didn't mind the bones, but they ended up using frozen fillets, which added nothing to the flavor.

Galleymom was willing to go back; she loved the prettiness of the place, the nicely presented food, and the flavors, compared to Sugarcane. Me, I know there's much better. I know Lowell is just down the road, but that's too far for her. I may demand Lynn next time, for Cambodian. Is any Lynn Vietnamese food actually as food as Boston or Lowell?

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  1. this is the place in the old pho & vermicelli space, right?

    there are two vietnamese restaurants in lynn. pho lynn on munroe street and pho minh ky on union street. they are good but neither of them are comparable to the selection and quality of what you can get in dorchester and lowell. at least in my opinion

    there is also a little banh mi and sinh to cafe further up union street. it has a small menu with the usual banh mi, sinh to, a few soups, rice plates, and desserts

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      It's the place on Rt.1south, may have been Pho and's been a few Vietnamese places....

    2. We go to pho minh ky a lot. We usually get banh xiao, pork in a clay pot, cahn cua and anything that would be typical vietnamese cooking. They are also really good about making special requests that are not on the menu. If you stick with the more traditional vietnamese food its better. Though my husband does prefer pho yuen dong in Quincy just because they have a huge menu, but driving all the way to quincy from the northshore just for pho.....
      We also like cali sandwich down the street from pho minh ky. Its super cheap vietnamese take out (really good too) and they also do some special orders if you ask nicely. We go there probably every week (see my earlier review).

      I concur about pho 888 in peabody bad bad bad....