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Mar 12, 2009 07:39 AM

Hershey PA

Heading to Harrisburg / Hershey PA the weekend of 3/20 for a hockey tournament. Looking for a few recommendations as follows:

1) Place where I might take fifteen 7 and 8 year old hockey players (and some or all of their families - maybe 50 people total) for a birthday party – nothing fancy required but would like something other that below average food. A place that serves beer /wine would be a huge plus!

2) A few good brew pub / sports bar type establishments in Hershey and/or the southeast side of Harrisburg

3) A few good ideas for some sightseeing / events (educational or recreation) for my family to see while in Hershey and not trapped at the ice rink. Prefer events that are unique to the area

Thanks for any suggestions / recommendations

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  1. Wow, the only place I can think of that could accommodate 50 on short notice, and be kid friendly is Red Robin, but that doesn't really meet the requirement of above avg. food.... I hope someone else can offer you a better suggestion. It is convenient to both the Giant Center and HP Arena - which could be a major plus.... do you have your hotel yet?

    The Bears Den is the hockey-centric sports bar in Hershey. Lancaster Brewing Co. and Appalachian Brewing are 2 brew pubs in Harrisburg. I'm sure there are other sports bars, but despite being a huge hockey fan, sports bars aren't my thing. :)

    The kids will likely enjoy Chocolate World in Hershey. I haven't hit the new Hershey Museum (The Hershey Story) yet, but have heard great things about it and can't wait to take my own kids to visit - mine are 6 and almost 8. In Harrisburg is the Whitaker center which has a science museum and IMax theater.

    Have a great time, and GO BEARS!

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      What about Arruugga? I don't know if that's the right spelling but it's pronounced like an antique car's horn. They may have a website.

    2. For 1) you may want to try The Coliseum across the river in Camp Hill.

      Two other places that have decent food (but no beer) and can accommodate large parties are in nearby Hummelstown:

      Hoss's Steak & Sea House (
      )The Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar

      If the weather's nice, Hershey has a great outdoor playground:

      For events, check out:

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        Hoss's does not have decent food.

      2. I don't dine in Hershey often, so I don't know how much help I would be. BUT I have heard great things about Indian Echo Caverns for the kids. If you do end up at Lancaster Brewing COmpany be sure to try their Shoe Fly Porter. So, so good.

        1. For your first scenario, you might consider Isaac's Deli. They are not fancy, not expensive, fun, and gave my family a side room for a lunch and we had great food and great service.

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            Yes, I didn't realize the Isaac's had a room available, but is a great local chain. My kids love it there, as well. I also thought of Fire Alley in Hershey - not a sports bar per se, but the have a large tv in the main dining room, and several in the bar. I consider the food well above average - another frequent spot to dine with the kids - they don't have a kids menu, but are accommodating.

          2. Thanks for the recommendations. Ended up settling on a birthday party at the team hotel. Food was awful but the kids didn't seem to care. Did make it to Fire Alley and the Lancaster Brewing Co. Both had good pub type food as advertised and were good options with the kids in tow. Chocolate world has not changed much in 30 years and my kids loved it. Cheers