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Mar 12, 2009 07:27 AM

Locanda v. Dino / Proof v. PS7s

I have a friend visiting next weekend and I am using it as a excuse to try another restaurant on the Washingtonian Top 100 List. I've narrowed it down to four restaurants for two nights: Locanda, Dino, Proof and PS7s. If I had to pick two based on food and atmosphere, what would your suggestions be? We are two early 30-somethings looking to catch up over some good food in a relaxed environment. Menu should include some not so crazy items for my friend (steak or chicken is usually a good bet).


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  1. I haven't been to Locando or Dino so skipping that.

    Proof v. PS7- I think PS7 is a little quieter, I think the food and wine are more interesting at Proof. If I was just going to the lounge PS7 would wine, but for dinner, I would go to Proof.

    1. PS7s and Proof are both modern American, so I would only choose one of them. Dino is definitely worth going to, and you will drink very well at all 3 - great, reasonably priced wine lists.

      I wouldn't put Locanda in the same class as the others.

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        Yes, to clarify it would be Dino or Locanda, Proof or PS7s.


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          I agree with Daniel and would give the edge to PS7s. Proof can get a bit sceney.

        2. i think proof has some of the best food in the city, hands-down. PS7 is very good but inconsistent in my experience. i've never once had a bad meal at proof.

          1. Between Proof and PS7 I would definitely chose PS7. I enjoyed Proof the last time I was there and would definitely go back again to try more menu items, but didn't feel that the food or service were quite up to the standards of PS7 overall (the veal sweetbreads at Proof were fantastic but other items were just so-so).

            1. I haven't been to Locanda yet so I can't really say which I prefer in the that match up (although I like Dino, especially as a reliable neighborhood restaurant.)

              In terms of Proof vs. PS7, I prefer PS7. I had a good meal at Proof but I feel their appetizers are far better then the entrees (they do have one of the better gnocchi dishes in town though. And the tuna tartar was good, but not better then PS7). Plus the service I had both times was only so-so.

              At PS7 I've always had excellent service and I find the food interesting and inventive without being too over the top. Your friend will be able to find normal items (the trout is simple and delicious, I also had a great steak dish before). I also found Proof pretty loud and crowded at times, where at PS7 the tables are more spaced out and are more comfortable for catching up.