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Mar 12, 2009 07:24 AM

Rehearsal Dinner

I'm needing a place for about 15 to 25 people for my rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal is in Fort Worth...but I'm open to driving for the right place. I've got a budget of $500 to $1000. A few places we've talked about are Pappadeaux's - Oceaire and Chamberlain's in Addison. I'm open to anything in FW since that's where the actual rehearsal will be.


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    Please...I need some suggestions

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      Joe T Garcia's is fun, a Fort Worth institution, the food is pretty good and it's almost the perfect time of year for the patio/margaritas. Oceanaire may be pushing your budget a bit, maybe not. Plus why drive all the way to North Dallas when there's plenty of good stuff in FW. There is a new restaurant in the Arts District called Eddie V's Prime Seafood, that looks interesting and maybe comparable to Oceanaire, there is one in Austin so you might find reviews on that board. The Reata in downtown FW is nice and the food is really good too. You could probably stay within the budget with a set menu, if they do that. There are some new spots at the Omni as well.