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Mar 12, 2009 06:54 AM



I am seeing Avenue Q in Sac-town this weekend, staying near the convention center (Citizen Hotel) and need a good spot for a pre-show dinner that evening...Any suggestions??

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  1. Right downstairs in the hotel building is Grange.

    It's gotten a lot of positive hype/write ups. I was there last week. Its beautiful inside and maybe I just ordered the wrong thing (tagliatelle). It was good, just not as good as all the hype. The dessert (butterscotch pudding) though was very very good. If you try it, report back and let me know what you thought.

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      funny- i went to grange for my birthday and i wasn't that impressed either but i did love the butterscotch pudding too!
      i had sablefish and maybe it was just the fish i didn't care for
      however, i started with gnocchi and it was marvelous but only about 3 bites
      i had debated between that and ella and now wishing i had chosen ella again

      1. re: toncasmo resos at Mulvaneys B&L. Hope it's good...

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          you should really love mulvaney's
          it's really good

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            Please come back and report on Mulvaneys if you would....

      2. Hey guys - Thanks for the Sac-town help.

        Had a wonderful dinner at Mulvaney's B&L on Sat night!

        Amouse Bouche was a fresh ricotta crustini with local olive oil and Hawaiian sea salt. Vey nice - flavors popped, excellent way to begin a meal.

        First course, we split the frisee salad with shallot and bacon dressing. Salad was very good, dressing excellent - it did include olives, which we thought didn't really add anything, but on the whole a nice salad course.

        Each had a glass of white/rose wine with the first course. I had a NZ Sav Blanc and the crisp fruit flavors and acidity worked wonderfully with the salad. My girlfriend had the rose, fruity and full of flavor - an excellent glass of wine for $8.

        Main courses were the potato and proscuitto agnolotti with wild mushrooms and spinach and the Pork Chop with polenta and brussel sprouts. Pork chop was outstanding - "A"! Cooked perfectly, an excellent piece of meat - sides excellent as well. The brussel sprouts were not over cooked and the balsamic glaze was perfect. The agnolotti was good - we really enjoyed the fresh pasta, felt the sauce was lacking a little something. Solidly a B dish.

        Wine choices with the main course were a glass of Petite Syrah (Stag's Leap, I believe) and a Pinot (Oregon). Both were very good and reasonably priced for the quality of the glass.

        My gf gave up dessert for lent - so we finished with the cheese course, which was outstanding. A wonderful selection of 4 cheeses both hard and soft served with bread, nuts, and a kumquat marmelade. The cheeses were all top notch.

        As you can see we quite enjoyed the meal, the service and setting was wonderful as well. In addition the restaurant was easily within walking distance of our hotel (Citizen Hotel) and the playhouse (Sac Community Theatre).

        Let me know what you think...

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          Nice. Thaqnks for posting. We get lots of requests here but not many reviews, so thanks for athat. Sounds like you had a great time...