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Mar 12, 2009 06:33 AM

Comida on 82nd & Columbus?

Does anyone have any info on this place? As far as I can tell they opened yesterday.

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  1. Hi - I walked by yesterday and saw that tonight (Thursday March 12) they are having a grand opening of sorts with free antojitos and drinks for the neighborhood!

    1. That spot must be cursed. I've seen at least 5 different establishments there in the last 6 years.

      1. I went to COMIDA and sampled the food. It is the best mexican restaurant I've found in ages. The margaritas were amazing -- I tried fresh watermelon, as well as tamarind and hibiscus. They were great. For appetizers, we had a delicious fried calamari with a spicy/tasty dipping sauce -- and something I'd never tried before-- cauliflower fritters, which were absolutely melt in your mouth delicious.
        For entrees, we tried a delicious yucatan chicken -- slow roasted, tender, and tasty-- and a really wonderful chile relleno -- absolutely fantastic.
        Dessert -- we tried the flan (perfect) and a decadently rich chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream. Can't wait to return -- I've been thinking about those margaritas all day.
        If businesses have been challenged in that space before, COMIDA has definitely arrived to completely turn that vibe around. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and welcoming, too. It's a great dining experience for the UWS. (See pictures below)

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          1. Hi - Went by today after work had margarita (VERY basic and not served in a generous glass) and their "beach style" shrimp cerviche on the barman's recommendation. It arrived and was not terrible, just bland (the syrup-pourer of real Mexican hot sauce corrected the seasoning and then it really was quite authentic) and served, for some reason, spread out on a plate with a few scattered chips (as opposed to a parfait glass, which would be more standard). I know times are tough, but total with tip was above $20 and so I thought that both were skimpy and decided to pass on eating there - I moved on up the street to Kefi, a restaurant that well understands price/serving value ratios.