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Mar 12, 2009 04:34 AM

Hove/Brighton Eating


I am off to the Hove beer festival on Saturday and am then likely venturing along to Brighton for the afternoon. I was hoping for some tips as to places to eat, more likely the cheaper end of the scale. I have visited Bills in Lewes previously and was impressed by it, so there is a possibility for a visit to its Brighton sibling, however other advice would be greatly received.


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  1. I go here for cheap eats in Brighton, if I can't be bothered to think about where I'm going to eat:

    It's a good donburi place. If they have the unagi don then get it, if not the katsu curry is pretty good there.

    1. Pompoko is nice. I also really like the Ginger Pig, in Hove. You can't book so you need to get there early, put your name on the list and have a few beers whilst you wait. It's worth it though!