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Mar 12, 2009 02:31 AM

Any authentic Brazilian Feijoada in Tokyo?

Has anyone come across any Brazilian restaurant in Tokyo that serves authentic feijoada?

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  1. I've had it at Casa Verde in Otsuka: (
    )I can't vouch for the authenticity, but there were a lot of Brazilian customers there.

    They sometimes serve it at Copo do Dio, a cafe in Nishi-Ogikubo: ( )

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      1. re: golfess

        Like Robb S, I can't vouch for authenticity but the waiters and bartenders are all Brazilian at Saci Pererê in Yotsuya and they serve it.
        Also, the two popular churascarria's in town, Tocano's and Barbacoa serve it. I'd stay away from Tocano's though, everything is far too salty.

        1. re: lost squirrel

          Thanks! Heard about Saci Perere from my cousin as well. The owner used to live in Sao Paulo for a long time so should be safer bet on authenticity.

          1. re: golfess

            If you go on a night with live music (I think very often), there is a cover charge of around JPY 1500.
            They do have a dinner set with appetizers and your choice of a main dish, feijoada included, for around JPY 3,500 that includes the live music cover charge.
            Please let me know how it turns out if you give them a try. It's only a 3min walk from my house.

            1. re: lost squirrel

              Most likely will check it out towards the end of the month. Will let you know how it turns out. :)

              1. re: golfess

                I found the "Tokyo Restaurant Guide" in my office yesterday and although it was printed in 1994 (!) there is some info on Saci.

                "Songstress Lisa Ono's dad has been running this bar/restaurant/dance club longer than most of us have been of legal drinking age. Apart from live samba - dancing is practically mandatory here - the big draw is Tokyo's best feijoada completa, the Brazilian national meal of black beans, pork and all the trimmings. Authenticity demands either Brahma Beer or cachaca with crushed limes, sugar and ice. Prices invariably mount, but there's seldom cause to regret it."

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  Finally visited Saci about a week ago. The feijoada however I think can be better as there were only beans and gravy I saw in it. Maybe the pork was all melted in there because it's a stew? I am not sure. There's not much trimmings except for the small patch of kale on top of the Japanese rice. The brazilian national dish in the end tasted more like a Japanese bean/curry rice. I can't really say I am disappointed for the ambiance and drinks were great with Samba music and dancing all night long. Heard that there's another Brazilian restaurant called 'Tropicana' which I will probably check out next time I am in Tokyo.

                  1. re: golfess

                    Thanks for the info, I found the website about Tropicana as well.