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Mar 12, 2009 02:00 AM

Kosher Fried Chicken Recipe, please help!

I need to make southern fried chicken on Dutch television next week. The recipe needs to be kosher. If you have a great recipe please post it otherwise I will be using my schnitzel recipe and adapting it to who chicken pieces. Thanks, Sasha.

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  1. paula deen makes one that doesnt use any dairy! Check it iut on I can't seem 2 find it in my recipe file right now, but i know she is the only one who has got one w/o buttermilk.

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    1. There was piece in the news this week about KFC approving a soy milk batter. You might want to experiment w/ using soy milk in place of the buttermilk usually used to make fried chicken.

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        Adding a little vinegar to soymilk produces a thickened soymilk that is a very good buttermilk substitute. If a recipe calls for a cup of buttermilk, for ex., just pour on about an ounce of vinegar to the measuring cup, then fill the rest of the cup with the soymilk. It will curdle almost immediately, which is the consistency you want.

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          are you talking about soymilk or soymlik powder?

          1. re: berel

            I am not queenscook, but I've made similar fake buttermilk in the past. You are using ordinary liquid soymilk, nothing complicated, and the acid of your choice. Queenscook uses vinegar; I've generally done this with lemon juice.

            1. re: GilaB

              well it didn't work with the ordinary soymilk when I tried it

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                Maybe it's the brand of soymilk you are using? I generally use Soy Essentials or Trader Joe's brand. Both begin pretty thick to begin with, and the vinegar just thickens it further.

                BTW, I use vinegar because I always have it around and just need to pour it; as GilaB said, lemon juice will work just fine; I just don't like to have to go through the trouble and mess of squeezing the lemon & straining the pits, when the vinegar will do the same thing. Now, of course, when fresh lemon juice is called for in a recipe, I do that; I don't used bottled lemon juice just because THAT is easier.

      2. i second the use of soy milk (although I have never tried it). There is some great panko coating mix (parve) that I bought at Whole Foods which could make a nice coating. When using the panko. make sure to season it well.

        1. - Marinate the chicken in seasoned coconut milk for a few hours. If you include some lemon juice, you'll get some of the (otherwise) missing buttermilk tang.
          - Pat dry and dredge thoroughly in well seasoned (lots of pepper) flour.

          If you really want "southern" fried chicken, that's it.

          More generically, dredge the marinated chicken in instant blending flour or cornstarch, dip in beaten egg, coat with panko, repeat egg, repeat panko, and chill.

          1. I find adding cornmeal to the crumbs gives it added texture and helps get the right consistency on the coating.