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Wine Refrigerator Cooling Unit

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I have a Vinotemp 220 bottle wine cabinet with a WineMate 1500C cooling unit (similar to Breezaire) that's about 3.5 years old and doesn't cool as well as it used to. It also operates almost continuously. A new cooling unit is $700+. Can these cooling units be serviced by an HVAC technician or is it a sealed unit that can't be refilled with freon or have parts replaced on it? I'm not sure if the cooling unit just low on freon or if it's broken. I know they don't make things like they used to. I read many reports of refrigerators not lasting more than 5 years, icemakers on them going out in less than one year, etc even on higher priced units. I hope wine cooling units haven't gone the disposable route because $700 every 3-4 years is very expensive.

The unit is in my bedroom and I'm not concerned about looks. I'm willing to pay more for a wine refrigerator with excellent reliability in the cooling unit. I see used LeCache and Eurocave units for sale for $2000, but no mention how old the cooling unit is. Perhaps their units last forever.

I'm a little confused on what to do.

Happs in Phoenix.

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  1. I would call an Refridg Tech just to be sure. Maybe they can give you an idea on which way to go before you invest any %$$.

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