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Mar 11, 2009 10:47 PM

I need some help finding biscuits in Virginia Beach.

Hi all. I'm trying to put together some light fare for a business dinner for about thirty. I want to go real Southern and do ham and biscuits. The problem is I don't have time to bake and was wondering where to find really good southern biscuits in Virginia Beach or even Norfolk. Would also appreciate a few ideas for accompaniments. I'm hoping to hear about some bakery that I can order them from. Thank you!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I hate to be permanently cynical, but I have yet to find good take out (or dine-out, except for McDonalds!) biscuits in VB. Like the Mexicans, who complain they are too close to the US, too far from God, VB is too close to NY, too far from Charleston :)

      My recommended solution is to go to Harris Teeter (I think -- maybe Farm Fresh) and look for frozen "tea" biscuits. They don't come in the Pillsbury brand -- something else (which I also can't remember). They are the small size you want for appetizers, and taste very good. Fool proof -- bake right from the freezer. I did exactly what you want to do, and it turned out great.

      Good baking (even if it is straight from the freezer!).

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        "VB is too close to NY, too far from Charleston" - Great way to put it. Totally agree. I was going to be a wiseass and say Bojangles. I've used the ones you're speaking of and they were surprisingly good for being frozen.

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          Nothing wiseass about suggesting Bojangles...they are darn good biscuits! I'm sure the OP could do worse.

      2. Update...I decided on using tea biscuits from Farm Fresh (thanks 23451bum) . I got them fresh from the bakery. It worked very well. For a side I cooked up a quick green bean/potato thingamajig with bacon and chicken stock and served it room temp. Added a fruit and cheese tray and it went off well. Everything was perfect. Hopefully next time this board will be just a bit more helpful than saying VA isn't Southern enough! lol

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          Too late for you nanthanac but The Fresh Market also has the little tea biscuits and sweet potato biscuits, which are great with ham.