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Mar 11, 2009 10:10 PM

Dim Sum Not Elite or Sea Harbour

I am not a big fan of either (I know I'm not in the majority here). I've tried 888, Ocean Star, NBC, Mission 261 and nothing sticks (I really enjoyed Triumphal Palace but its gone now). I like Capitol Seafood, but would like to try something else for a change of pace in MP or Alhambra (not downtown). Any thoughts?

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  1. Try New Capital on Fullerton in City of Industry. Not as pristine as Elite dimsum but good and lots of variety even at 11am on a Tuesday (which is the last time I was there). Very reasonable too.

    1. Go to the best (at least in my opinion) ... SEA HARBOUR.

      1. Lunasia, which replaced Triumphal Palace is quite good.

        1. I reallly liked King Hua, which I tried recently, but it's pretty similar to Sea Harbor. What is it you don't like about Elite and Sea Harbour? What are you looking for? Given the places you've tried, if you don't like any of them, I would be skeptical about whether you will like any Dim Sum in SGV.

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            I liked Sea Harbour's chicken knuckles, thats about it. I had a scallop thing that tasted not good at all. I have no recollection of any of their steamed dumplings or the taste of their chicken feet or anything. Elite seemed similar to Triumphal Palace in presentation but I just liked the taste at Triumphal Palace more. I do not recall liking Elite's steamed dumplings.

            Again, I like the style of Capitol a lot and really like to eat there, its just sometimes you want a change of pace (especially when you go every week or two). Even though their menu was limited, loved Triumphal Palace's baby bok choy in fish broth with garlic, their rice with dry shredded scallps (more delicate than Elite's version), their different congees, their dumplings, I really miss that place.

            1. re: noshie

              Lunasia is supposedly run by one of the co-owners of Triumphal Palace so it might be quite similar.

          2. How ablut the Kitchen in Alhambra?