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Mar 11, 2009 08:37 PM

Trip to St. Petersburg

I am visiting Tampa Bay/St. Pete's with a friend and am staying at the Bayshore Hilton in St. Petersburg. Has anyone been to their hotel restaurant "Tangerine"? If so, what was the food/the experience like? Are there any decent restaurants within walking distance of the hotel as an alternative, with a moderate price range and North American type food as a preference. We will also be attending a couple of Rays games. Are there any types of food aside from standard stadium food that stand out? Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. lots of goodies...z grille, pacific wave, primi, petersburg is a funky little town on the bay...street life, green spaces, cafes, cool laid back feel...enjoy

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      I ate at Z Grille for the first time this week and thought it was a great addition to the area... Those were the best fresh oysters I have had in the area. They bring you a sampler of different oysters from different areas, all very fresh and tasty. Oh, and the deviled eggs made me very happy. It's a surprisingly inept wine list for an 'upscale' place though.

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        And for something a little less expensive, not that Z Grille is that bad costwise, try Zurritos on Central between 2nd and 3rd. When Z Grille moved it its new digs, they transformed their old space into Zurritos. Very good food. Nice place to have a meal out on the sidewalk also.

    2. Parkshore Grill is a favorite in your area for North American type food done very well. They also have a brunch on the weekends. Enjoy your stay!

      1. Definitely lots of great places in walking distance. Ceviche is a must --tapas and you can spend a little or a lot; Cafe Alma is also great and a 5 min walk around the corner from where you are staying. You should check out the Dali museum while you are there--I know it is not related to food, but it is amazing! Have a great time!!

        1. I agree with all the suggestions so far and would add the following:

          Red Mesa Cantina--this upscale "taqueria" has some pretty interesting offerings at relatively reasonable prices in very nice digs, located in the same building as the chi chi Push Lounge.

          Savannah Cafe--Tasty upscale Southern. Go for the pan-fried chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese or the shrimp-n-grits.

          Moon Under Water on Beach St, a couple blocks down from the aforementioned Parkshore Grill, has a lovely outside terrace that's great for people watching on a nice afternoon or evening. The food can be hit or miss, but the menu does offer a variety of American standards in addition to the British and Indian offerings.

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            fithglen: I agree with Lauries suggestions, but Savannah's is quite a hike from the Hilton, about 13 blocks. Just FYI

          2. I agree with other posters about Parkshore Grill and Ceviche (five filling tapas and a bottle of the Pannaroz for two for under $60).
            On 4th St., north of Fifth Avenue North, the Shrimp Store is an unpretentious little pub with great, low cost seafood. Wednesdays is all-you-can-eat-shrimp day.
            Mosy up Central Avenue. Some cozy/funky little spots that look promising.