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NJ Farmhouse Restaurant?

Trying to locate a restaurant that opened in the last five to eight years in an old stone farmhouse in western central NJ. I thought I remembered reading a review in the NY TImes, but wasn't able to find anything via an online search of the archives there. The chef/owner were a young couple, possibly with experience in a kitchen in the city. They had a great selection of cheeses and I thought I remember a picture of the guy having glasses and dark hair. Both were thin. I'm trying to make a reservation for dinner there, but first I need the name of the place! Driving me crazy! Any help would be appreciated!

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      Here are some pics of a BBQ/Pig Roast I attended at Bobolink a few years back:


      Jonathan & Nina White make spectacular cheese and bread (and killer pizza in their wood fired oven) but to the best of my knowledge do not have any dining facilities for the general public...

    2. Stone House at Sterling Ridge Warren NJ?

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        Stone House isn't exactly what I pictured, but may be the one. My instinct is really saying that ain't it, but it's so close I may have to check it out anyway. Keep em coming guys!

      2. Try Harvest Moon Inn or The Grand Colonial

        1. My guess is either Pluckman Inn or Blue Bottle Cafe.
          Good Luck

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              The place I'm thinking of isn't an Inn and I'm 98% certain didnt have the word "Inn" in the title.

            2. My guess it's the Perryville Inn! It's owned and operated by a couple. (Although it does have the word "Inn" in it)

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                Your descriptions strongly says to me Lorraine & Paul Ingenito, he was Exec Chef at Russian Tea Room. The place was the Grand Colonial which he helped open. However, Paul & Lorraine operate the Perryville Inn and were involved with the Grand Colonial for maybe a year. I haven't been to the Grand Colonial since Lorraine & Paul were involved, so I can't say what's up there now. I know they have an artisan cheese menu at the Perryville, since I have kept in touch with the Ingenitos there (chef Paul's parents & I are in the same local seniors club). Your confusion about the term "Inn" in the name might stem from the fact that when you read that review, the couple was involved with both restaurants. Each restaurant has a website, so Google them (I don't have the addresses handy) and look at the images of the restaurants see if either one rings a bell.

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                  Thanks Compare. It is Lorraine & Paul that I'm referring to. I believe they are no longer involved with the Grand Colonial.

              2. Was it north, on a hillside, of Rte.33?

                1. I always wanted to try of these. Hopefully the 2013 schedule will be out soo