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Mar 11, 2009 08:30 PM

Fun restaurant for 8 dudes

Seven of my friends are visiting the City, and we're looking to go out for a fun dinner. Nothing too expensive (~$60 pp w/ 2-3 drinks), preferably beneath 14th st, loud, good interesting food. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. What would make it fun for you, and what kinds of food do you and your friends find interesting?

    1. are all the dudes of legal age?

      1. Do you know this dude?
        Very similar thread... although he doesn't seem to have any specifications.

        1. Essex and Spitzer's Corner. Both on LES.

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            Schiller's Liquor Bar, Stanton Social Club (both on LES) Vento or Fig and Olive in Meatpacking District, Suenos in Chelsea

            1. re: Will4Food

              gotta agree with Bk and will, LES is where a bunch of dudes would want to go. any of those recommendations work...le pere pinard is good as well, maybe frank on 2nd. also, you can do boqueria soho, get a reservation and its $40/person for an obscene amount of food via tasting menu.