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Mar 11, 2009 07:46 PM

Dinner on St. Pats...drinking dad and grad...HELP!

Hey chowhounders! My pop has just told me to make a reservation for wherever I want to go, no limits, for dinner on Tuesday night. We are meeting in the middle for a sorta father-daughter spring break.
I normally hit up all the cheap eat places, so I am thinking about going a little fancier. But I don't want to do a repeat for him, so no Emeril's, Delmonico's, NOLA, Irene's, Pascal Manale's, or Cochon. I have read and reread all of the posts, but I don't want anything romantic, uptight, or too hard to get reservations on less than a week's notice. HELP.
Wouldn't mind sitting at the bar...we do love a good scotch.


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  1. Don't know if you're stuck on getting away from the cheap eats, but Parasol's does St. Patrick's day (and roast beef poboys) right.

    No matter the location, your drink of choice should be Jameson given the occasion and all!

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    1. re: thecajunfoodie

      Isn't Parasol's gonna be just packed? And yes, I will be getting my Jameson on!
      I am thinking poboys for lunch, but I really want to try a nice dinner in NOLA. I have been more than half a dozen times and have yet to be anywhere fancier than Port of Call. I usually eat Verdi Mart all week long. I want someplace that is comfortable, but a fun experience. Where do locals go to celebrate?

      1. re: seatowner

        The problem might actually be in finding a restaurant at which the chef himself is not off celebrating!

        I would do one of three places:

        1. Jacques-Imo's. Great food, comfortable, and totally fun. If the wait is long, have a Jameson neat at the Maple Leaf next door.
        2. Dick and Jenny's. Drink vino on the patio and wait to eat the best smoked carrot of your life (that's right).
        3. Lola. A BYOB on Esplanade with excellent food.

        1. re: thecajunfoodie

          Does Dick and Jenny's have a bar? We have these strange things here in the NW called taverns that only serve beer and wine...please tell me that Dick and Jenny's serves cocktails.

          1. re: seatowner

            If I were to have a dinner just me and my dad, I'd probably go someplace like Clancy's. It's uptown, not too fancy, but fancy enough to have white tablecloths and waiters in bowties. The food is always great, and the bar is really nice if you want to get there ahead of time and imbibe. Other great restaurants that are nice but not too romantic that have bars: Ralph's on the Park and Galatoire's. Jacques-Imo's with the Maple Leaf next door could be a good bet, though a bit casual for a no-expense-spared dinner.

            1. re: HalfShell

              Second Clancy's. Patois is a good option also. But if you've never done August, Commander's, Galatoire's, Gautreau's, Bayona, etc, you should consider them as well. Dick and Jenny's is fine, too, but some other places have better food. Oh, and I'm on a Boucherie kick now, too. That place is awesome.

              1. re: HalfShell

                I think the food is great at Clancy's but have always felt somewhat out of place there. Kind of an "Good Ol' Boys" club feel...and I'm definitely not a Good Ol' Boy. Others mentioned Dick and Jenny's and Jacque-Imo's, which I think would be a great choice. Both have a more casual atmosphere but the food is still excellent.

              2. re: seatowner

                Yes, Dick and Jenny's has a bar! And great food, as well.