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Mar 11, 2009 06:59 PM

Noidue Cafe UWS Opening this Sunday

Noidue Cafe, located at 143 W 69th St (between Broadway and Columbus) is an Italian, dairy cafe, under the supervision of Rabbi Mehlman.
Hours will be M - Thurs 6:30am-11:30pm, Friday 6:30am - sundown, Saturday sundown-1am, Sunday 8am - 11:30pm.

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  1. Isn't that where Levana's was/is?

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    1. re: SRG

      According to shamash, Levana's address is 141 W 69.

      1. re: momrn

        Doesn't sound right, the address is too close. Just called the telephone number and the recoreded answer was that they were closed for renovations (the kiss of death?) for several months. This sounds like the successor.

        1. re: SRG

          nope. it's on the corner, near levana. not in levana's space. no connection,

          1. re: LoveKosherEats

            You are mistaken. Walked by yesterday and it is in the space formerly occupied by Levana. The awning stll says it, but it's gone. sad.

            1. re: SRG

              levana's press release says
              CONTACT: Sol Kirschenbaum
              LEVANA Restaurant
              141 West 69th Street
              New York, NY 10023
              Phone: (212) 877-8457
              Fax: (212) 595-7522
              New York, NY, DECEMBER 24, 2008 – LEVANA Restaurant will be closed for renovations
              as of January 1st until mid-April as the 30-year-old pioneer of kosher gourmet dining
              undergoes an extensive renovation.
              While the renovation is underway, LEVANA will continue to offer their full off-premise
              dining and catering services. LEVANA delivers hundreds of meals weekly, with a range of
              packaging and plating choices, to some of New York’s best restaurants and prestigious
              locations to provide kosher guests with elegant and delicious meals wherever they are.
              From its humble beginnings as a beloved neighborhood bakery serving its famous homestyle
              desserts, LEVANA evolved into a café with an award-winning design, and finally, to
              its present form, a sophisticated restaurant serving creative meat, fish and vegetarian
              LEVANA’s managing partner, Sol Kirschenbaum, said much will be revised and looks
              forward to welcoming LEVANA’s loyal clientele into the new exciting space.
              The new design, featuring warm golds, browns and green accents, will echo the look and
              feel of their newly redesigned web site, "It will be stunning," said
              Kirschenbaum, noting the new layout will also offer space for larger groups.
              About LEVANA Restaurant: A sophisticated, award-winning Upper West Side kosher
              restaurant, LEVANA is known as the pioneer of upscale, kosher dining with their
              sumptuous, contemporary cuisine including creative meat, fish and vegetarian specialties.
              - END -

              1. re: SRG

                I too have walked by. It is to the left of Levana's, NOT in Levana's space.
                BTW, opening now Tuesday, not Sunday.

              2. re: LoveKosherEats

                Wrong! Levana us closed for good. Noidue is below ground level at the same spot.

                1. re: normanba

                  Yes, Levana's is closed for good, but Noidue is next door to where Levana's used to be, not in the same building.

        2. Just walked in. They said they're opening on Tuesday.

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          1. re: craigcep

            What's it like? Were you able to see the menu?

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Looked like a coffee bar. I got a whole 2 inches into the place and didn't see a menu so i can't comment more.

              1. re: craigcep

                so like a casual place.. interesting..

            1. re: mrotmd

              Reported elsewhere: "Everything cooked will be Cholov Yisroel, although for desserts and coffee, customers will have a choice of Cholov Yisroel or not."

              1. re: Kosher Critic

                It is a lovely Italian-themed cafe, albeit with Israeli background music playing. I had the carciofi farciti (stuffed artichokes) which came with a tasty capers and rosemary flavored lemon sauce. I had wanted a panino but did not see them on the menu. (Alas, I spotted them in the refrigerator case as I left.) Instead, I had a pesto pasta dish. The pesto was nice and bright, which only comes from fresh ingredients not over blended. However, the pesto needed a bit more seasoning and would benefit from having the pine nuts chopped instead of sprinkled on the dish. Some freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and pepper would have been appreciated. The service was very friendly and helpful. Note, they are not yet serving wine/beer.

                1. re: Kosher Critic

                  I had breakfast there this morning. Omelet panini wuth tomato cucumber and lettuce, and a caffe americano. Excellent.
                  Great ambience, and very friendly service. Really wonderful coffee bar, with large selection.
                  This place is a winner!

                  1. re: Kosher Critic

                    The space is very pleasant, with vaulted brick ceilings and good lighting that belies its below-street-level location. While I was there this afternoon, they had Louis Armstrong (rather than Israeli music) playing in the background. The service was generally attentive without being hovering. I got a personal pizza ($14 +$2 for a whole wheat crust) with pesto, feta, and roasted peppers and eggplant. The pizza was obviously made to order, rather than sitting around and reheated, with a thin, crispy crust. The flavors were clear and good, although I would have preferred a bit more of the roasted vegetables.

                    Apparently the panini aren't served at dinner except to go, which may be why they weren't available when Kosher Critic was there.

                    1. re: GilaB

                      Thank you for the explanation, Gila.

                      1. re: Kosher Critic

                        I had lunch there on Sunday. I had the pizza with mushrooms, ricotta and onion and a salad and my boyfriend had the ricotta stuffed eggplant and a salad as well. Everything was very fresh and the service was good but I agree with what other people said above, it definitely lacked seasoning. I did a full post on my blog

                        Also, can anybody confirm that the engaged couple that works there (seemed to be hostess and manager) are also the owners? I included that in my piece because it seemed apparent but I should probably double check that. Thanks!


              2. I ate at Noi Due last night and loved it! Showing up 2 nights before Passover, I expected it to be crowded, and it was. But the staff was super nice about it. While waiting, they were attentive, and gave us mochaccinos to try, then when the wait was a little longer than they'd hoped, they gave us some wine, too. I was really impressed with the patience and politeness of the staff - putting up with Jewish restaurant goers on a crowded evening is not the most pleasant task.

                We had a salad and a large pizza, with limonatas. Limonatas are a personal favorite and theirs was very good - lots of mint, well blended, not overly sweet. The caesar salad was tasty though the portion was not as large as I would hope for. The salads are more side dish sized. The pizza was excellent. I, too, was disappointed that paninis were not available at dinner time, but everything else on the menu is good too. They have a lot of interesting appetizers that aren't up my alley but that sound (and looked) really tasty. Also, they have mozzarella sticks! As it was near closing time, we got a free desert, too - these cannolis with sweet ricotta inside that were very tasty. Everything was presented very well and the overall experience was perfect. Waitresses were available, friendly, and helpful.

                I loved the ambience and the space. Everything about it is just a very welcome addition. It's just casual enough without being a hole in the wall. It felt like a cute cafe - rather than a typical Jewish restaurant - despite being filled entirely with observant Jews. The prices are good. It's a classy kosher cafe experience, and I will be going often.

                It's also great that there is now a place kosher observers can go for brunch! There are so few kosher brunch spots. FYI they have a website where you can see their regular and brunch menu: