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Mar 11, 2009 06:40 PM

Mung Bean Bubble Tea in DFW Area

The only place that I know of that served mung bean bubble tea has shut down. Does anyone know of a cafe that serves the flavor?

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  1. King's Noodles in Richardson has a mung bean drink, and you can just ask them to add tapioca to it. Maybe that'd be similar?

    1. Was it Lollicup?

      You might check out Teahouse inside Saigon Mall in Garland. Huge menu of options. You can add red, mung, or black beans to any drink.

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      1. re: Webra1

        Air, is it a frozen mung bean drink or is it more like soy milk?

        And no, Webra, it was a Saigon Cafe in Arlington, beside the First Chinese BBQ there.

        Thanks for the replies; I'll try to check them out in the next week.

        1. re: adime

          It wasn't frozen and there's no milk in it. I don't know if I can call it tea, but they literally just call it a mung bean drink. If it's gotta have milk, Teahouse would be a better bet. They've got a huge assortment of flavors.

      2. There is a place just next door to First Chinese BBQ at Polk and Greenville in Richardson. It's owned by the same people that own First Chinese BBQ. Must be good because they are always very busy.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          That would be Boba Latte. I'm not sure if they have anything with mung bean but since it's so close to King's, taking the time to confirm wouldn't be going out of the way.

          1. re: air

            Richardson is very much out of my way. =[ When I go to the DFW area, the only time I go to Dallas is to shop at the Galleria.

            But my mom wants to find someplace new with good dim sum, since there really aren't any decent dim sum places in Dallas or Arlington anymore. If we decide to try King's, I'll be sure to give Boba Latte a try. Thanks!

            1. re: adime

              Hong Kong Royal in Carollton has good dim sum or at least they measure up to Kirin Court.