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Sunday Jazz Brunch?

mbliss38 Mar 11, 2009 06:13 PM

We will be staying in Boston on Saturday, 3/14, and would love ideas for a Sunday brunch with a good atmosphere and perhaps some jazz music. We are staying at Nine Zero in the Downtown Crossing area but will be checking out and have a vehicle so we are willing to travel within the Boston Metro area (with the exception of South Boston as we want to avoid the Parada crowds). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    autopi RE: mbliss38 Mar 11, 2009 07:05 PM

    i'm under the impression that highland kitchen has music during their weekend brunch, but could definitely be wrong about that. also not sure if it's jazz rather than folk or bluegrass or something else. that said, the brunch is terrific (if crowded), and well worth a trip. they're in somerville, not too far off from downtown.

    despite their amazingly terrible website ( http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?... ), it's actually very solid americana cooking.

    1. s
      ShelT54 RE: mbliss38 Mar 11, 2009 07:45 PM

      Skipjacks on Clarendon St.; Bullfinch's in Sudbury both have jazz brunches.

      1. g
        ginnyhw RE: mbliss38 Mar 12, 2009 03:41 AM

        Skipjack's fills the bill but frankly it isn't that great. The Blue Room in Cambridge has my favorite brunch buffet and there is on street parking on Sundays.

        1. d
          dfan RE: mbliss38 Mar 12, 2009 12:19 PM

          Johnny D's is up in Davis Square so it's a little bit of a hike, but it's kind of the canonical jazz brunch in the Cambridge/Somerville area. Be warned, it's super popular (get there before 10 if you don't want to wait). The food is not spectacular, but it's perfectly good.

          Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant
          17 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144

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          1. re: dfan
            Andymayo99 RE: dfan Mar 12, 2009 12:58 PM

            Haven't been yet. But I've heard that Ryles has a decent jazz brunch.

            1. re: dfan
              pollystyrene RE: dfan Mar 12, 2009 06:43 PM

              I love brunch at Johnny D's, but it's very casual (and cheap!). I couldn't tell by your post if that's what you were looking for. I've never had a wait getting there on the late side, either (2:00ish).

              1. re: pollystyrene
                bear RE: pollystyrene Mar 13, 2009 03:29 AM

                I've only been to Johnny D.'s on Saturday, but the music is a solo jazz guitarist. He's terrific and my guitar-laying husband really likes him but it's more background music than anything else.

                Sunday may be different, though, so maybe someone else will chime in.

            2. digga RE: mbliss38 Mar 12, 2009 07:16 PM

              Anyone ever try Ryles' Sunday jazz brunch? I bet, at the least, it's nice and chill.


              1. Trumpetguy RE: mbliss38 Mar 13, 2009 07:02 AM

                The Beehive, Ryles, Acton Jazz Cafe

                1. m
                  mbliss38 RE: mbliss38 Mar 13, 2009 09:52 AM

                  This sounds great, thank you! I've heard wonderful things about Highland Kitchen from other posts on this board so the website is not scaring me away... thank you all!

                  1. f
                    Fukui San RE: mbliss38 Mar 13, 2009 10:05 AM

                    Beehive in the South End has a good jazz brunch. I highly recommend the French Toast and the short rib grilled cheese.

                    Beehive Restaurant
                    541 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

                    1. m
                      MUSICGAL RE: mbliss38 Mar 15, 2009 06:10 AM

                      I too, an looking for a jazz brunch fro Easter Sunday. A party of about 10, moderately priced in the Jamaica Plain/Brookline are. 'Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks!

                      1. r
                        Ralphie_in_Boston RE: mbliss38 Mar 15, 2009 06:52 AM

                        The Hampshire House used to have a nice one, if a little on the formal side. Nice, mellow jazz trio. But I haven't been in ages.

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