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Pain au chocolat

Anybody know where to get one that's heavier on the chocolat and lighter on the pain? There's a stall that used to be at St Mark's Church Greenmarket, where the chocolate/bread ratio was really good, but it's not there anymore.

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  1. My favorite these days are at Cannelle Patisserie.

    1. I'm always very happy with the giant stripe of chocolate found in the pains au chocolate at Tisserie in Union Square: www.tisserie.com
      It's a Venezuelan bakery. Just ask them to heat one up for you, and grab some coffee while you're at it-- mmmmmm...

      Whoops... I was just looking around at some other posts, and apparently Tisserie has closed and/or is moving to SOHO! I heard La Petit Belge is good-- not sure about the pains au chocolat, though. Sorry!

      1. La Bergamote. around 18th or 19th street and 9th avenue. Fabulous coffee meringues as well, and macarons. A little pricey, but very good.

        1. There is a surprisingly good one with excellent chocolate at Zabar's.

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            The chocolate in the ones from Zabar's do satisfy the craving, although I also like the pain au chocolate that Balthazar makes - nice flaky pastry and good quality chocolate (just not as much chocolate).

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              Never had them from Balthasar, but will have to try. Truthfully, pain au chocolat is not a pastry that haunts my dreams (though I obviously eat it enough to have opinions!) but there's something about that one from Zabar's that surprises me every time. I wonder what chocolate they use?

          2. Jacques Torres on West Houston (the same block as the metro) does a nice pain au chocolat. Flaky pastry and a thick filling of dark chocolate. Not bad for $1.80. Sometimes they are still warm when I stop by in the morning. You can also get a nice iced coffee for $2, cheaper and better than Starby's.

            1. No, no, no, no. Good suggestions, but scrap them and go to Patisserie Claude (187 W. 4th I believe). I have no idea if the ratio of pain to chocolat will will satisfy your quest, but Claude's pain au chocolat are the best the city has to offer.

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                Uh, no, not so much. Way too big; the dough was greasy and tough, not flaky; the chocolate was okay but not great. So I'm still looking.

              2. Is pain au chocolat the same as a "chocolate croissant"?

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                  Yes. Pain au chocolat is the authentic French name. Americans took to calling them "chocolate croissant," because it's the same dough as for croissant plus chocolate. But usually, they are more or less rectangular in shape, and not crescents, which is what "croissant" means.

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                    Thanks! I'm always on the lookout for a good one. Problem is I'm always at work during the day and not around any of the mentioned bakeries.

                2. ok this may not be what you are looking for (and I haven't tasted it myself) but the picture looks so gangster!


                  valrhona sourdough roll at levain bakery on UWS

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                    Now that's a chunk o' chocolate! But I'd rather it came in a nice flaky croissant wrapper...

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                      I was at the Bastille Day celebration on East 60th Street. Was hoping to find a stall with a good pain au chocolat. Found one stall. But, alas, it was just above-average. Outside was flaky, but not enough chocolate. Not good enough to commit the name of the place to memory. Didn't find much else. Was very disappointed. Then again, it was a street festival. Everything's on the run and thrown together. The actual bakeries must have fresher stuff anyway. Tried Le Pain Quotidien (on Lex near 62nd) recently. They had run out of pain au chocolat, so I settled for a plain croissant. Was not good. Not buttery at all. Not sure if you can judge the pain au chocolat by that.

                  2. There is a fantastic bakery, Bouchon. There is one in Soho, and one in Younteville which is near Napa Valley. You may have heard of it. It is the most amazing bakery, and all of their croissant related baked goods are heavenly. They also make an almond-chocolate croissant, which is amazingly delicious as well.

                    1. Have you tried Almondine in DUMBO - I really enjoyed theirs, and I'm a chocoholic. :)

                      1. This morning before work I had the pain au chocolat at Almodine Bakery in Dumbo- So amazing! It was light and had a just the right amount of chocolate with the bread. I think that I may have enjoyed my pain au chocolat at Almodine more than Payard.

                        1. Have you tried one of the various locations of the Financier Patisserie? I find their Pain au Chocolat to be lovely. http://www.financierpastries.com/

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                            try Soutines on west 70st.
                            IT TRUELY SMELLS LIKE A FRENCH BAKERY!!