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Mar 11, 2009 06:03 PM

Favorite sugar cereal? :)

I bought a box of Cap'n Crunch today. It's a taste I've never quite outgrown. I picked it up specifically to use in a recipe, but admit I broke open into the box on the way home from the supermarket just to eat a couple of handfuls.

I'm also a big Quisp fan (see a trend?), though I haven't seen it lately.

In real life, I try to eat sensible breakfasts more often than not, but every so often, it's fun to indulge. How about youuuuuuu--what's your sugar cereal pleasure?

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  1. For me, it's a tie between Lucky Charms (always eat the oat-y bits first, so I wind up w/ a bowl'o marshmallow at the end....) Cocoa Puffs (I'm cuckoo!!!....) and sugar Pops (which are now called "corn pops" to appeal to the healthy crowd (!)). BTW, who won the battle between Quisp and Quake? Haven't seen either one in decades!! adam

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    1. re: adamshoe

      I think they re-released Quisp about 10 years ago because I found it and ate it then. So I'd say Quisp won the battle after all. HA HA!

      No toys in my box of the Cap'n, tho', dammit! ;) I could go for a spacequaft!

      1. re: adamshoe

        Another Lucky Charms fan here -- I can't resist that attractive mauve milk.

        Trader Joe's makes some pretty spectacular sugar cereals -- there's one that tastes like little cookies filled with Nutella.

            1. re: Amuse Bouches

              OOPS, there goes a major missed marketing opportunity there. How much sexier did "little cookies filled with Nutella" sound than "Whole Grain Filled Cereal Bites!" ;)

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I know, right? I also tried the strawberry flavor. They do advertise them as being for snacking and not just breakfast.


                1. re: Amuse Bouches

                  Ooh, I had skipped the chocolate ones, thinking they would be yucky, but Nutella? Now I'll try them.. The strawberry ones are great for snacks, haven't had them for breakfast.

          1. re: Amuse Bouches

            Oh, that on from Trader Joe's is my favorite. It's addictive. Also comes in strawberry, but it's not as good as the chocolate.

          2. re: adamshoe

            Similarly have you noticed that Sugar Smacks are now called Honey Smacks?! Love Cocoa Puffs, but my favorite is still good old Frosted Flakes. I always did have a sweet spot (no pun intended) for Tony the Tiger.

            1. re: adamshoe

              Of the not-too-sweets:
              1. Lucky Charms (with as many marshmallow bits as possible)
              2. Banana Nut Cheerios

              Of the sweets:
              1. Fruity Pebbles* (never Cap'n Crunch)
              2. Count Chocula (never Cocoa Puffs)

              Dishonorable Mentions:
              1. Cookie Crisp (glycemic index must exceed 100)
              2. Cap'n Crunch (never liked it, neither did the roof of my mouth)

              *If you live in a place with a Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop nearby, try these toppings together on a medium-sized plain Pinkberry: strawberries, mochi, Fruity Pebbles. It's a whole new lease on life for the cereal - so incredibly good in that combo, just made for it.

            2. Oh, those Golden Grahams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              1. Chocolate lucky charms are delicious. I can mindlessly munch on those like no tomorrow. Resse Peanut Butter cereal are amazing as well. And Oatmeal Crisp is delicious! Oh, there are so many delicious sugar-loaded cereals that I could consume day in and day out. Cereal isn't just for breakfast for me.

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                1. re: shdiep

                  Cereal: the meal that eats like a snack. ;)

                2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's like eating handfuls of those fried cinnamon things they have at Taco Bell.

                  1. Haven't had any since somewhat after the Dalai Lama hiked out of what is now supposed to be a part of China.