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Any info on the upcoming wine and tapas bar in North White Plains? [Milonga]

The former Sweetwaters/Jimmy Lee BBQ/North End restaurant space now has a banner outside saying a Wine and Tapas bar is coming in soon. Does anyone have any information on this? It's such a cute space, with a great little bar and good parking. It would be nice to have something interesting and worthwhile occupy the spot.

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  1. Thanks for the posting. and notice. GF lives a few blocks away and we just have not been up in that direction recently.
    Guess we all will have to keep an eye on situation.

    1. I stopped by the location this PM. Front end looks good to go.
      Perhaps a cold opening some time very soon?????

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        I heard they were opening in April.

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          Confirmation on what you heard:
          From http://wptimes.com/menu_movers_and_sh...
          Watch for the April opening of Peter Herrera’s new Milonga, 577 North Broadway, (358-1444), a tapas and wine bar at the former home of The North End and Sweetwater’s. Milonga, which refers to the South American tango, has been completely redesigned with modern colorful fixtures, warm beige window curtains, new bar/lounge with red-orange chairs and polished wood floors. Herrera is president of New York Hospitality Group, which owns the ever popular Sam’s of Gedney Way (949-0978) on the other side of town.

      2. I took the time to stop by this evening to see just what I could see (at the very least)
        While doors were locked, (dimmed) lighting was on, ordering and cash system were up and running, and tables were all set up.
        It seems that perhaps all they are waiting for are final signage and awnings. Followed by final walk thu and sign off.

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          sounds good. hope it open soon. Can't wait to give it a try.

        2. Update on my last report:
          Tonight I spoke with a painter who was doing some touch-up work on the outside of the building. He told me that all they need to open is a piece of paper from the SLA/SLB. Everything else is ready. He told me that they have been waiting for over 5 months and believe that they will have it within two weeks.
          In other words, a cold opening could happen just about any time now.

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            This afternoon I noticed several cars in lot so dropped by. S/W a woman staff member who told me that they were, in fact, waiting fro two type of paper:
            From NYS
            As well as from their printer-menus still being worked on.
            As they can open without one, and that she indicated that State is due/expected "shortly-within a week or so", one may wish to keep an eye on this place next weekend for a cold opening.
            I was told everything else is done and ready for opening.

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              As of last Friday still waiting on State paperwork ;>%
              Found this update on Lohud:
              which included a web site:

          2. They are waiting for their liquor license. I take it they figure why open a wine bar when you can't serve wine... Personally I think open as a "soft" opening with BYOB and work out the kinks before the grand opening. But hey, what do I know...

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              i agree with your thoughts on BYOB. Spadaros in New Rochelle did that until they got their license and it gave people an opportunity to enjoy the food....

            2. Well-I took another spin this evening after my gym workout and I think should have spent anothere hour in spin class. I know I will be taking at least one tommorrow night.

              Milonga's opened tonight. They are doing a very soft, cold opening so they can sort things out before they get mobbed and jammed up. So if you go, please play and act nice for a few weeks. But go-this place should be a keeper.

              I wish I was as good with words as some of the other CH's here. So please bear with me.

              Did a very good job with front of house-lighing, colors, fabrics, tableware and flatware.
              While semi-formal in looks, it is at the same time very warm and welcoming.

              I walked into the bar and found a fellow spinner/gym rat along with a few others hanging out there.

              We all just started ordering apertizers-which you could make a dinner out of 2-3 of them with perhaps a sideorder.

              Everything was fresh, and it was rather obvious that someone cared about how it came out (more on that in a bit)

              I had the Empanadas $7.00 ,Mozzarella Caprese $9.00 and Roasted Duck Wrap $7.00.
              All very good and very well plated and presented.
              Some of the other orders were Mussels $7.00, Clams Oreganata $8.00, Pulpo a La Brasa $11.00 and Chorizo and Figs $7.00. Everyone was enjoyed what they had.

              After a bit, the Chef came out. When he got to me, I asked him if I could see his office.
              He was very to be asked and welcomed me into it.
              Kitchen is all new-tore everything out and replaced it. Smallish but well laid out and very good equipment.
              As for Chef and staff-He came from Tango Grill. As did his krewe. So they are not new trainees but people he has worked with. But as the Chef indicated whle they know each other, still have to dial things in and work out the rough edges in a new work enviroment.

              While in kitchen, I saw a nice looking Salmon dish (Dijonaise $19.00). What was a bit different was that he cut it into a long strip and wrapped it as a pin-wheel over mashed potatoes and asparagus..

              Also saw several good looking steaks (I did say that he was the Chef at Tango Grill) being plated along with a Parrillada $27.00-Combination of Angus strip, hanger, skirt, flat iron and thin sausage w/yucca potatoes going out. I just about high-jacked it.

              That is when I realized that there where people in the main dinning room.

              Two or three parties there. Seems as if they too just saw lights and people and came in.

              On the lunch menu, they have gourmet pizzas that look interesting. $9.00

              Dinner Pasta/Entrees run from $16.00-$27.00
              Lunch Pasta/Entress run from $9.00-$17.00

              IMVHO-very much well worth a visit and a try. Even while they work things out. I did not ask about the coffee situation but they STILL ARE WAITING for the State to sign their permit. "Any day" now.

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                Good to know. I work in WP and enjoy Peniche very much (altho my wallet doesn't), so i'm looking forward to trying a new tapas place. the BBQ place was the pits.

                  1. I told one of my spinning intruc. about Milonga and she and her husband went this past weekend.
                    Still is BYOB.
                    They brought their own and loved the food and service.
                    She believes that Grand/Formal opening is May 18th.

                    1. As someone who has traveled to Spain more than the average tourist, I would like to explain the concept of Tapas. Tapas (small plates…small bites:) are meant to be shared with friends and enjoyed with drinks at the bar (i.e. causal setting). The bar at Milonga provides the perfect setting for the tapas experience. I would recommend the empanadas with a side of their delicious chimichurri. You MUST try a glass (or two;) of the red sangria, served with a very generous pour. I loved it!
                      The dining room of Milonga’s provides more of an upscale ambiance without being overly stuffy. They offer an extensive menu ranging from appetizers starting at $8 to a full choice of entrees starting from $17 & up. I am not usually a desert person but do try the flan. Consisting of a creamy texture that can only be described as Grandma’s homemade, you will not be disappointed.
                      While dining there I had the pleasure to meet the most gracious hosts Antonio & Max. Also there, was the beautiful owner Myriam who sent over another glass of their awesome sangria. I found the service to be knowledgeable and prompt. Overall, we had a pleasurable experience making for a great night.
                      I’ve heard of the comparisons to Tango Grill but I must say that I went once and never had the desire to return. Milonga’s, I’m happy to say I will definitely be back to.
                      Seeing all the workmanship and the details that has gone into the creation of Milonga’s, I truly wish the owners Felicitaciones y que tengas Suerte!
                      p.s. If like me, you critique restaurants on the decor of the Woman’s room, take a peek at theirs. You will feel as if you stepped into a top spa. Ladies…it’s gorgeous!

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                        What sort of other items do they have? Unfortunately their menu is not yet online.


                        My big litmus test is usually the Tortilla. If they don't have it, or don't make it right, then that is a bad sign. Also like Bocquerones, Patatas Bravas, Chorizo, Gambas, Mushrooms, Cod Cakes (almost all of it).

                      2. My DW and I went last night. We agree it is a lovely dining room. We both had the sangria and paella. Both were nicely presented and very tasty!

                        We have 2 nits service-wise. When we were seated, the room had 2 4-tops in use, each with 2 people at them. We were seated at a 2-top that was right next to an arch to an outer dining room. My DW immediately noticed that she would have been knocking her elbow against the post. While, they graciously moved us, I think that this should be one of the last tables offered, especially if the dining room is not crowded.

                        Secondly, while we were there for dinner, I was curious about the tapas menu. After ordering, I asked the waiter if we could see the tapas menu for future reference. It never arrived. We did check out the tapas/bar area on the way out and also looked at the menu, which was very inviting. I can see that as a place to get together with colleagues after work.

                        Definitely a keeper!

                        1. From Newe York Times:
                          Westchester Dining | WHITE PLAINS
                          Tapas and More, With Argentine Flair