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Bacon wrapped hot dogs in Santa Ana?

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Are there any? Where? Are they any good? I'm really sad that the Mexican hot dogs in Los Angeles no longer have bacon! The so-called "health" claims eliminating it are bogus, and who cares about health, anyway, when goodies are involved?

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  1. That sounds amazing. I'll be having one this week. Just wrap bacon around a dog, and drop it into a deep-fryer?

    1. Though this may be a bit far from you, I know you can find this all over downtown. I live in K-town and there's always a guy grilling these across from the metro station at Wilshire and Vermont or at Kenmore/3rd. Also, take a Saturday off and go to the fashion district downtown, and you'll find one of these vendors about every 20 feet.

      I'm too scared to try it, though they smell awesome. :X