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Mar 11, 2009 03:52 PM

MSP Help My Uncle Find Garlic Salami

Is it a rarity? I remember my mom getting it at Lunds when I was young.

My uncle says he can not find garlic salami anywhere. I told him I'd ask you fine folks if such a thing exists here in the Twin Cities. He's in Minnetonka but we'll trek to get it.

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  1. I would have to think Surdyks has it, or could get it on request..

    1. If you can't find it, consider ordering it from Usinger's in Milwaukee.

      We love their stuff- when you're there in person, you can clean up at the "imperfect" table.

      1. A relatively short trek for you uncle would be to Mackenthun's Sausage and Deli just off Hwy. 7 in St. Bonifacius. I know for a fact that they have garlic summer sausage, which is a little coarser. I've only had the plain salami from them, but they could very well carry garlic salami as well. It would be worth a call. I'm sorry I can't find a website for them.

        I love their spicy pepper jack summer sausage and their butcher case is quite impressive. They also give out free samples of their cured meats for the asking. Nice little family-owned shop that knows their meat.

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          I believe they have a location in Victoria off of 5 which would be closer.

        2. Is there any ethnic sausage he has in mind? I know the Russian delis around town sell a Hungarian garlic salami. You could call them beforehand.

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            My initial thought when I first read this post was Kramarczuk's, but I was not certain that they carry true salami. I'm sure that they must have some garlic sausage of some sort though. Perhaps a call to them would solve your problem. (612) 379-3018.