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Mar 11, 2009 03:37 PM

New Luigi's on ECB

May be old news to some, but Luigis is opening a new location at 2121 El Cajon Blvd adjacent to Eclipse Chocolatier. They're still building, but the sign's out.

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  1. Oh, pizza and dessert within the same block! Wooohoooo!

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    1. re: phee

      Not just the same block, oh- no! The same building. I may never leave, just dine, dessert, repeat.

    2. We first saw that sign last Fall. Wonder if the economy is holding things up. When were were in the Golden Hill location last weekend I wanted to inquire about it but they were too slammed to even ask.

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      1. re: mimosa

        I've known about it for a while, but saw workers doing construction in the place. Normally a good sign.