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Haagen-Daz Five - a different opinion ... great ginger

I just didn't want to tack on an enthusiastic comment to another post where it started with a very negative report on this line that has five ingrediants ... milk, cream, sugar, eggs and whatever flavor.

I love this stuff. The ginger has great flavor. The ice cream is very clean tasting. I added some fresh strawberries on top ... good ... very, very good.

A different point of view on the brown sugar flavor

I am guessing that the wrong flavor might get monotonous. However for a flavor like ginger, it is perfect. I want to try the mint next.

I made a big fuss a few months ago about HD starting to add corn syrup to their regular line. I refuse to buy it. They also down-sized the carton size.

The store near me has the new carton size, and checking the regular vanilla it seems they haven't added corn syrup or stabilizers there yet. I suspect though the five line may be a way for HD to move the few remaining flavors without corn syrup like vanilla into the five line for people like me who got huffy about it and wrote them that I would not buy one of their products if it had corn syrup.

Though ... it could just be a way to introduce a light ice cream line without using those words. The difference between the regular and Five ice creams is that the first ingrediant is skim milk.

Regular vanilla bean Ingredients: CREAM, SKIM MILK, SUGAR, EGG YOLKS, NATURAL FLAVOR, GROUND VANILLA BEANS. 290 calories per serving

Five Vanilla bean: Ingredients: SKIM MILK, CREAM, SUGAR, EGG YOLKS, VANILLA (VANILLA BEAN FLAKES, VANILLA EXTRACT). 220 calories per serving

Well, good for them then. I can't think of one other light ice cream that doesn't have stabilizers.


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  1. We had the mint flavor and have to say it was very good. Very clean, light taste. Refreshing. My husband made chocolate wafer cookies from the citizen cake cookbook and put the mint ice cream inside. It tasted like a modernized girl scout cookie.

    1. Well, it's good to see that they actually care about their customers, right OR wrong :)

      1. Does the ginger have pieces of ginger in it?

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        1. I agree -- the ginger is amazing. It's smooth, no chunks.

          1. I tried the ginger and it was very good. My freezer tends to hold food at -10F and this ice cream tends to be very hard at that temperature.

            1. I'm eating the Ginger now. It tastes good but doesn't have enough ginger flavor for my taste. I think a Ginger-Honey ice cream would also be a good idea - but with more ginger flavor.

              1. Another Five flavor I tried and like was the mint. It was a nice part of dessert afther a lamb dinner for Easter.

                1. I just finished a "pint" of the Ginger. The only other flavor in the "Five" series I've had was the Brown Sugar. The Ginger is much, much better than the Brown Sugar.

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                    Good to hear because my first try with this line, the Brown Sugar, was borderline inedible. Chalky, mouth-coating texture. Flavor was ok I guess, I really didnt get far enough to judge fairly. Although it carried an aftertaste even with that small amount. But that texture, did anyone try this? Arent they meant to be experts? I know it's lower fat than the regular line, but I love gelato, which also traditionally carries a lower fat content.

                  2. Props to the OP. I like Five. The vanilla bean is quality stuff =)

                    1. High quality stuff. Like the mint.

                      1. I've been really enjoying the Five Caramel lately. I might like it better than the Dulce de Leche, though I really miss the Cinnamon Dulce de Leche flavor that they dropped a while ago.

                        1. We softened the ginger ice cream a bit and added diced crystalized ginger and a short grind of nutmeg and spread a thick portion between two gingerbread cookies. Quick deep freeze--amazing dessert.